One Sorry Kitten 

He gave her hair a tug, signaling that he wanted her eyes on him.

She unburied her head from the pillow and tried not to pout. Her ass was already a welted mess, but her attitude hadn’t improved. If anything, she was spiraling into a foul mood. It was obvious from the way he stared down at her that he could tell.

“Ten with the cane. I want you to count out loud, kitten.” His tone was brisk, leaving little room for argument. “On your knees.”

Reluctantly, she lifted to her knees without grumbling. Just.

The first strike of the cane across her bottom made her drop back on her stomach. Pain seemed to burn through her at lightning speed and she cried out.

“Fuck.” She hissed. “Daddy, that hurt.”

He grabbed a hold of her hair again, pulling her head back so he could stare down at her. His face was neutral, but there was a challenge in his eyes.

“Back up on your knees, kitten. Stay in position and count your strokes. Or do you need to use your safe word to stop?”

She bite her lip, embarrassed by both her outburst and her attitude all of a sudden. After a beat, she lifted back into position. He resumed without another word.

“One,” she gasped out. “Thank you, Daddy.”

She had to breathe deeply, needing to pause and absorb the impact and subsequent radiating pain in order to even speak. He held nothing back with his strength. It felt like each lash reached down into skin and mind until nothing remained except the cane, her, and her Daddy.

“Ten, thank you, Daddy,” she sobbed out on the last one, barely remaining on her knees.

She heard the cane touch the floor, but didn’t have the energy to move. Her bottom throbbed in time her her heart, but her mind was clear for the first time all day.  The bed dipped beside her and she felt his hands wrap around her waist. He pulled her into his lap, being careful to arrange her so her bottom wouldn’t rub on his jeans.

“You let your mind run away today, didn’t you, kitten?” He pressed his lips to her forehead as he spoke. “It made you grouchy and mean.”

“Yes, Daddy.”

“You need to tell me instead of acting out and not doing the things I ask you to do, right?”

She buried her face in his neck, nodding her head in agreement. “I’m sorry, Daddy. I don’t know why I get that way.”

He patted her bottom, making her squirm a bit. “Yes you do. Why do you think do it?”
She licked her lips. “Because… because I’m embarrassed or scared of my feelings. Because I don’t like what I’m thinking about. I should talk to you so it doesn’t make me disobedient.”

“Good girl.” He caressed her back. “Would you like to come, kitten.”

“No, Daddy. I just want you to hold me for a little bit.” She kissed his neck and rubbed her check against his, loving the soft feel of his beard. “Please, Daddy?”

He wrapped both arms around her and just held his kitten.

Me with crossed legs and a hidden face


  1. Daddy

    Exactly how you should be cared for. You need both the firm hand and the gentle touch afterwards

    Well done

    1. Post

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