Erotic Shorts

(A little kink.)

His Hands On Me

“Come over here for a second.” His voice was rich and deep, catching her attention before the book distracted her.

She knew he wanted something, but she wanted to finish the book a little more. The hot male lead was about to plunge deep into the wet, willing body of the curvy lady. After that romp things were going to get exciting and she didn’t want to stop reading. The couch dipped next to her, but she barely noticed. She swatted at the hand that crept up her bare leg.

“Not now; it’s getting good.”

When she delivered a hard pinch to the arm that snaked around her waist, he yelped and hopped off the couch. Ignoring his angry mumbles, she continued reading and it wasn’t long before she was completely engrossed in the fast action.

Right as she was about to find out the identity of the killer, the book disappeared out of her hands. He sat beside her, smug look on his face, holding the book just out of her reach. She climbed across his body, but he gave her a devilish grin and held it away.

She lunged again, then smacked his chest in anger when he held it out of reach. “Give it back! It’s about to get good.”

“You are correct, my love.” Something dark lurked in his tone.

His expression grew heated. That was her only warning before she found herself sprawled face down across his lap. When she tried scrambling up, he threw an arm across her back pinning her there. Her submissive position caused her throat to dry and she swallowed nervously. He pulled her underwear down, baring her bottom, and smoothing a hand over her skin.

His voice was soft when he spoke, “Are you ready?”

“I…” She swallowed again to mask the husky excitement in her voice. “I want to finish my book.”

He just laughed and caressed the gentle curve of her bottom. His fingers brushed her lower lips with each circle of his hand, and she squirmed as her body responded to his touch. It was a tease the way he caressed; he knew what made her wet and played until her hips rose in invitation.

“I think you’re ready now,” he spoke in a low voice.

The words barely left his mouth before the first smack landed across her bare cheek. She gasped and tried to scoot away, but he had her trapped against his thigh. The second and third smack found their mark, sizzling across her butt. Pain vibrated up her spine and into her brain as he spanked her over and over. Every attempt to escape only brought harder smacks until her whole bottom throbbed. But still he continued.

“Oh, please. Stop,” she sobbed out.

One landed right at crease where thigh and butt met. She gripped the cushion and panted. He smacked the other side twice.

“Please!” Her body jerked at the smack that landed across the sensitive flesh of her slit. Then he simply rested a hand on the curve of her pulsing bottom.

He hmmed to himself. “I wonder…”

His hand settled between her thighs, cupping her mound, and causing her hips to buck in surprise. A finger slicked through to find her wet and plump with arousal. Mortification burned through her as she realized how turned on he’d made her. She buried her face in the cushion.

“You love this.” She could hear the smug smile in his voice.

Her muffled reply was a total lie, “No.”


She squealed when he smacked her hard with one hand, then plunged two fingers deep into her body. Instead of protesting, sensation exploded through her. She arched, her hips pushing back to meet his touch.

He laughed again, his fingers moving with precision in her aching body. “I’ll give you a better ending than that book.”


Trust and Connections

“You want something that I’m not sure you even understand.”

At first, his condescending tone had chafed her. She wasn’t a fool. She understood everything about the lifestyle, had researched and watched every video she could get her hands on. That was how she worked, never would she enter blindly into a fantasy without doing her homework first. That’s what she’d done on him, researched him thoroughly before contacting him.

But it wasn’t his words that had bothered her. No, it was the challenge in his eyes as he’d stared her down across the table. Almost like he could see inside her head right to the desires she kept hidden from even herself.

She’d felt it the moment she’d sat down at the table, like he knew everything about her. His dark eyes missed little, but she knew that careful observation would make him a considerate lover. It had made her want to trust him, something she never did with new people.

When he’d stood to pull out her chair, the breath had left her body. He was bigger than she’d thought from looking at his picture, broader too. His light-brown wavy hair fell across his high forehead in an almost boyish way, but it was his hard jaw and serious eyes that made him a man not to trifle with. The power and authority rolling off his big body had an interesting effect on her. Oh her attraction to him was evident by the way her panties grew wet, but it was her desire to rub against him and purr like a cat in heat that surprised her.

Indignation rose hot in her throat. Was he rejecting her already? She gathered up her purse and fished out a tip to leave the waitress. Unable to look at him lest she see that rejection she sure was in his gaze, she’d risen to her feet, eyes downcast. “I’m not sure what to say about that. I’ll not waste your time–”

“Sit.” He didn’t raise his voice, but she obeyed the command without thought. Her eyes met his in surprise. There was an interesting light in his that warmed her from the inside out. “Good girl.”

It was odd to feel his praise deep in her belly, but that urge to rub against him returned twofold at the satisfied look in his eye. He leaned across the table and picked up her limp hand. His huge palm circled her tiny wrist and squeezed hard enough to demonstrate his greater strength. It amazed her that she had no urge to pull away.

He wouldn’t hurt her.

“So breakable.” His words had made her nervous; the intended effect, she was sure. He’d flipped her hand over and brought her wrist to his mouth. The feeling of those moist, full lips pressing into her skin had made her unbelievably hot. What would the rest of him against her, inside her, feel like? The possibility of it had nearly made her come then and there.

“I’ll teach you what submission really is.” Though spoken low against her skin, she’d still felt the words in her bones. When his eyes had met hers again, she saw deep into him for that one moment. “This will be more than spankings, whips, and obedience. I will help you learn trust and connection. Are you willing to know those things?”

Trust. She wasn’t sure she understood that concept, but she felt at ease with him. Maybe it was crazy to relax around him, the need couldn’t be denied though.

“I’m willing.” Her shaky voice surprised her.

He’d kissed her racing pulse and sat her hand back on the table. She remembered the after burn on her skin, the overwhelming need to have him touch her. From the look in his eyes, he knew it too.

“We will meet for a few weeks and just talk. I’ll tell you where I want you and what to wear. Do not question, only obey. I need your trust and obedience for this to work.”

Her eyebrows had snapped together in confusion. “But—”

A quick shake of his head stopped her words. “Do not question, only obey. If you cannot abide that, this will not work.”

The thought of him walking away from her was intolerable. In the span of minutes, he had reduced her take charge, headstrong attitude to one of willing submission. The need to please him becoming all.

She nodded her head, but said the words aloud. “Okay. Yes.”

He smiled at her and she flushed with pleasure at his approval. His face grew serious in the next second. “You are still a person. I do not absorb your personhood just because you submit to me. We, me as the dominate and you as submissive, compliment each other. This is about your pleasure and needs, I’m here to help you understand those needs.”

They met every evening after that. He took her to places she didn’t normally go and she learned more from him than any of the books she . He’d been caring each time they were together and she found herself relaxing.

Tonight would change things though. It would the first time they’d done anything beyond talk. Last night he told her they would advance to physical pleasure. The moment she’d walked through his door, he’d commanded her to undress for him. Once she stripped, he’d left her kneeling there on the living room floor. Wait, he’d told her.

Understanding her needs, he’d told her that day. As she sat back on her heels and waited for him, she tried to remember what else he’d said. Not much was registering beyond her anxiety about where he was and why he made her wait. The cool air from the AC rushed across her bare skin tightening her nipples to hard peaks. She’d only been kneeling in that spot for fifteen minutes, but it was long enough for doubt to assail her. Uncertainty crept along the line of her spine making her wonder if she had any idea what she was getting into.

Wait. She tried not to fidget, but it was hard. Was he testing her resolve to continue? Did she want to go through with this? Now was her opportunity to back out if she chose to take it. His look of disappointment entered her mind’s eye, but she pushed it away and stiffened her backbone. She wouldn’t back down, the need to know was too great. The need to please him couldn’t be ignored.

Her eyes slipped closed and she practiced breathing to recenter. It was in the middle of her calming attempt that she felt him. The air changed imperceptibly, but she’d become so attuned to him that she knew. He was like a tingle across her skin. Keeping her eyes closed, she rose up slightly and thrust her breasts out.

“That’s my girl.” She heard his light tread across the carpet. “Stand up.”

Once she rose, he circled her slowly as though cataloguing her parts. She felt possessed by that searching glance as though his eyes branded her skin. Instead of feeling exposed, she felt aroused. She willed him to touch her, but fear stopped her from asking. He captured her chin when she went to turn away. Those eyes missed nothing.

“Tell me what you want. You have to communicate with me; you must verbalize. I may not give you exactly what you ask for, but I want to hear you say it.”

She hesitated for the briefest second. “Please touch me.”

His smile transformed his face from hard to open and sexy, something that made her feel connected to him. He dropped his hand from her chin and stepped closer overwhelming her senses.

“Always be honest with me about what’s on your mind.” He trailed his fingers up her thigh. “I expect that from you, understand?”

“Yes.” She felt herself sway into him a little.

His hand settled between her thighs and she moaned softly. Light pressure had her rocking against him as lust zinged through her body. His lips played across her face.

“This is mine.” He pressed again causing her to whimper with need. “To take for my pleasure. Mine.”

His pleasure, yes, his.


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