You think you know me

The wine glass hit the floor and shattered into a million pieces. Her eyes stained red and her cheeks streaked black.

“You think you know me, you bastard?”

He dragged a hand down his face as he watched her stagger across the floor. She was well past the point of being smashed, and an inconvenient time for her to stumble in on him with a girl sucking his cock.

“Sit down, Tammy, you’re fucking drunk.”

Wobbling on her five inch stilettos, he caught her as she stumbled. That earned him a hard slap across his cheek. He winced as he cupped the spot. Alcohol didn’t fuck with her aim.

He went to grab her arm, but she teetered away, her sequins dress glittering in the light.

“Don’t touch me. You’re a lying, cheating, piece of garbage. I’ve given my goddamn life to being your trophy wife, only to have you treat me like old shit. Entertainment for your clients and your contacts, while you whore around like I don’t even exist.”

It wasn’t as simple as all that. Or maybe it was.

“I’m the one that pulled you out of the gutter. I gave you a place.”

She took another glass and tossed it on the ground. “Fuck you.”

Tammy was still naturally beautiful even after fifteen years and two kids. She’d managed to keep herself in shape without going under the knife. And yet… even her in that dress wasn’t enough to get his cock hard like the hooker he’d bought.

“Ah, get a grip, Tammy. So damn dramatic.”

That set her off. She turned on her heels and was on him in a flash. Her long nails dig into his face as she screamed profanities and cried mascara on his suit.

“You fucking bastard. I hate you. I hate you. I fucking hate you.”

He had a moment of panic as he tried to wrestle her off of him. That she’d do some irreparable damage to his face. His face as his business and he’d had enough work done to know how perfect it needed to stay.

Like a wild cat, she fought and clawed until he finally pinned her down. He touched his cheek, his hand coming away covered in bright red blood. That same red descended over his vision.

He didn’t know what came over him, but his fists landed in a few blows that left her lifeless on the office floor.

Standing over her, he wiped his mouth.

“My mother told me not to marry her.”

Curled up

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