Beautiful sacrifice

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Start and part 2

Hari felt those words deep in her core. He asked for her all and she wanted to give it. The world faded into the background and she wanted to give into that all encompassing feeling.

It would be so tempting to just remain here, forget everything in her service to him, obedient to what he desired from her. Except there was a nagging of worry she couldn’t ignore. She wasn’t whole that person. Hari struggled with wanting to be here with him and who she was hoping to be in the village. She was nothing if not strong willed and independent.

“What will you do with me? What of my studies?”

“You aren’t my prisoner. When the rite is complete, you will have all the freedom you need.” His eyes flashed.


He pulled her to her feet and turned her toward the platform covered in blankets. Instead of answering her, he bent her over the frame and pressed a hand on the small of her back.


Her legs are parted so cool air brushes along her vulva. Hard thighs stepped into the space created, and the firm length of him pressed into the soft flesh of her ass.

His cock moved lower, rubbing between her labia as though wetting his flesh with her desire. She rocked back against him, begging with her body for him.

She screamed as the point of something sharp dug deep into her shoulder just as his cock drove home into her cunt.

“You are my sacrifice. A sacrifice requires the shedding of blood.” His words seemed to echo, booming as he spoke.

The rushing sound of water filled the room. Something covered her eyes as heat filled her body.

“What I claim is mine. Blood and water, the essence of life mingling together in one.”

Her shoulder throbbed as water moved over her. She dropped lower, arching her back more for each thrust.

“What I plow, I fertilize. Seed and womb, the filling and binding of two lives in one body.”

That heat filling her core intensified, burning her up as the passion grew higher with it. She wanted to come apart so badly. The darkness covering her did nothing to shield her from the bright light swallowing her.

“What was freely given, I tie tightly to me. The god of the river washes over all. The god of the river cleanses all. The god of the river claims all.”

His voice and the rush of water became deafening. His tempo grew frantic, turning into the rutting of a beast between her thighs. Hari relished it, spurring him on in his frenzy to stake his claim heat and her body demanding an outlet as it too expanded.

God, she was going to explode. Her mouth opened wide as it built higher. Her hands clenched in the blankets in a desperate attempt to hold on. When it became to much, she tried to scramble away only to have him press her into the bed, his hand fisted in her hair.

Just as tears stung at her blinded eyes, the sharp feeling of the knife digging into her shoulder again sent her screaming over the edge.

Light exploded behind her eyes. The heat seemed to flow from her mouth, her fingertips, her toes until everything around her radiated heat.

Hari was a supernova and the intensity of it, of her body clamping tight around his cock until she heard him roar behind her, that satisfaction shorted out her brain. She blacked out, missing the way he gathered her up and curled around her protectively.

Pond weed tickled her toes.

The murky water floated around Hari, her lungs unaffected as she breathed in and out slowly. Her eyes refused to open, lethargy keeping them too heavy to lift.

The weeds wrapped around her limbs, binding her lightly. Lazy tendrils teased at her skin. She sighed softly at the gentle caress.

She was so much like her dream. The hazy feeling making her feel safe.

“Wake up, my beautiful sacrifice. Wake up and come back to me.”

Hari woke to Fre wrapped around her body. The brush of him along her mind was far more intense than it was before. She felt him beneath her skin, as though he was grafted to her.

Maybe she could take a few liberties.

Turning in his arms, she gazed into his eyes and caressed his face. The scales were soft and warm beneath her fingers, his eyes more yellow.

“No more sacrifices after this and I can still practice my medicine.”

“We are one now. Not god and sacrifice, but lovers entwined. There will no one else and I will grant your village continued prosperity because of your gift.”

Hari considered his words.

“Maybe not the mayor. You can smite his vegetables if you’d like.”


  1. Posy Churchgate

    Lovely culmination to a feisty and erotic tale. You really wove the threads of her fantasy/memories into the sacrifical action – super hot. I like her little twist of vengeance at the end, and how she was determined to remain an independent woman.

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