Do you like piña colada?

Cara Thereon's kitten sipping milk from her finger

This isn’t scary, which goes against all the scary stuff running up to Halloween. I’m bucking the trend!

“Have you been eating a lot of pineapple?”

She licked her lips and looked up at him. A tiny drop hung from the corner of her mouth then dropped onto her nipple.


Just seeing that tiny drop clinging to her skin made him want to paint her entire body with his come. She giggled and her breasts jiggled.

“Your spunk tastes fruity.”

He couldn’t seem to focus on her words, his cock already semi hard. Gripping just beneath the head, he stroked firmly.

Her eyes fastened on his movements. Plump lips formed an O and her hand tracked a path down to her cunt.

“Must really like pineapple. How do you feel about mangetout?”


Eyes bouncing between the come on her tit and her frantic fingering, he was so near to coming he had to grit his teeth.

She took her sticky fingers from her cunt, smeared juices on her other nipple, and then pressed her breasts together. Her pouty lips smiled up at him and it sent him over the top.

He came with a grunt and sprayed come all over her tits. It felt like it went on forever, leaving him drained after.

One delicate finger gathered up a little come and offered it to him. He sucked her finger clean, tasting both of them on her skin.

“See? Pineapple, right? Now I want a piña colada.”

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