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Share Our Shit Saturday is upon us. In case you’re confused, do read on.

It’s funny how often we’re reminded that the world at large isn’t comfortable with sex. Oh, they’re having sex aplenty, but aren’t fond of you knowing it. They certainly aren’t fond of you having it yourself either. In the sex blogger corner of the world, we’re having it and doing our damndest to display it proudly.

Unfortunately, those hypocritical, restrictive turds do all they can to make sure no one knows. They don’t want anyone seeing our sex because naturally if you see if you’ll want to have it too.

Ah, but in spite of they’re behavior (the issues with Patreon, the recent shadow banning from Twitter, and Facebook and their near constant restriction of kink/sex), we can share what we find on the platforms we own.

Girl on the Net and Eros blog have both put the necessary call out to share our fellow sex bloggers content. Look, my following isn’t large nor isn’t reach extensive, but I can share with those I know and help encourage them to do the same. My space, my rules, sexy time or no sexy time.

No worries though, the stories I found this week or all ones that make me squirmy to read. In no particular order.

Scandarella The Spider and the Fly

The build up on this had me shifting in my seat. What was about to happen to him? Was she going to suck him dry? And what pray tell was she planning on sucking dry? It was all anticipation here.

Mischa Eliot Bound

Squirmy is too right on this one. She wrote the character’s need so well I could feel it. I actually know the feeling and need intimately, and that’s why this ticked my boxes.

Molly’s Daily Kiss Mirror Image

The story is soo sexy, but the photo at the end… I admit that I had a shiver and a deep desire to rub one out over that photo. So damn hot. #squirm

I’ll endeavor to share every Saturday. The effort is twofold really, it’ll get me reading much more in the community and it’ll add a little bump for those who deserve it. Do what you can, folks. If we can’t be good to each other, then there’s no one left to be good to us.

Happy (Share Our Shit) Saturday

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A green alcoholic drink, freshly made on a chopping board with pestle beside in it, in post titled #SoSS on sharing


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