Pleasure for Everyone

Cara in Black and white, naked with whip marks on her bottom, her tail in and ears on

“Up on the bed, kitten. All fours.”

She positioned herself across the bed, head toward the window and bottom facing the closet. It wasn’t long before he stepped in front of her, forcing her to look up. He was naked, his cock semi-hard as he reached out to stroke her face.

“My sweet little kitten is going to have her ass fucked tonight, isn’t she?”

He wasn’t looking at her as he said it. A smile tipped his lips when kitten gasped at the feel of smaller hand touching her back. He stopped her from looking back.

“You know who’s behind you, don’t you, kitten?”

She nodded, shivering as slick fingers slid down the crack of her ass. More cold lube dribbled along her crack making her squirm.

“That’s my good girl. You’re going to open your mouth for me and your ass for Summer.”

“Yes, Daddy.”

Fingers parted her cheeks and she felt the hard press against the rim of her ass. Forcing herself to relax, she couldn’t help her groan as the first inch or two of the strap on breached her.

“Open.” He tapped her jaw and she parted her lips. He fed her his rapidly hardening cock. “Don’t be shy, Summer, kitten wants you to fuck her.”

The cock in her ass advanced until she felt hips against her cheeks. It retreated and then returned, slim hips slapping against her bottom. The cock in her mouth set the counter stroke, his hands on her head keeping her firmly in place as he slid to the back of her throat. She tried to keep her watery eyes on him, but all his focus was on the woman behind her.

“Fuck her. Harder. I bet you’ll make kitten come on your cock, Summer.”

She groaned around his cock at the feeling of them fucking her in tandem, of them using her. Her mind filled with the image of her body locked between them as they pistoned in and out of her. Her cunt pulsed with the need to come.

“I’ll feed her my come and then she’ll lick your cunt like a good girl.”

That sent her toppling over the edge, her cunt and ass squeezing hard, Summer carrying on behind her. Her full mouth mumbled nonsense around his cock as she lost herself in the moment. He held her head down on his cock, coming down her throat with a long groan.

“Good girl.”

She wasn’t sure who he meant those words for, but she felt the praise like a warm feeling in her gut.

“Now it’s time for your reward, Summer.” He stepped back and the thrusting slowed to a stop. “Come here, my love.”

She gasped as the cock left her ass, lowering to her elbows to wait. Her cunt still pulsed, the ache increasing as Summer appeared in front of her. The purple strap, gleaming a bit with the left over lube, looked big on the otherwise petite woman. She watched as she slipped out of the harness and stepped closer.

“Up you go. Legs nice and wide so kitten has room.”

When Summer was on flat on the bed, she crawled between her thighs. A hand at the back of her head guided her down so her lips were inches from warm cunt.

“Make her come, kitten. That’s what your Daddy wants.”

“Yes, Daddy.”

She whispered the words before licking like a good girl.

Cara in Black and white, naked with whip marks on her bottom, her tail in and ears on in post titled Pleasure for Everyone


  1. Cousin Pons

    My goodness this is hot and horny. Just read it on the train into work and felt more pleasure than is usual on my daily commute. Fabulous erotic scene so convincingly written. x

    1. Post

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