Sassy Kitty 

Cara, naked with her hand between her thighs. In post titled Stretch

She was feeling wiggly, as he liked to call her antsy moments. He leaned back in his chair and waited, knowing innately she was on her way to trouble.

It wasn’t a long wait…

The way she swayed her hips and the pout on her lips gave him warning. He simply folded his arms and stared into her brown eyes as she approached. Her gaze dropped quickly so he knew she wasn’t going to be overly tetchy.

She stopped by his knee and slipped to the ground to lean against his leg.

“Daddio.” It started with a sigh. “I’m bored and I want to go out.”

My, what a bold pet, he thought. When she tossed her head back and huffed he almost laughed, but held his tongue.

“Stop.” He gathered up a handful of kinky hair and pulled her head back so she was forced to meet his eyes. “What is my name, kitten?”

She blinked and her eyes grew wide behind her black rimmed frames. He watched her swallow before poking that bottom lip out.

“Daddy,” she murmured. Then finished with an apology. “I’m sorry.”

He released her and rose from his chair. She watched him as he paced away to sit on the couch. He let her stew a bit, anxiety causing her to wiggle. It was obvious she needed a distraction before she got herself into actual trouble, but first a little punishment.

“Up in the chair, kitten.”

“Your chair?” Her voice ended on a squeak.

When he didn’t reply aside from a raised brow, she scrambled up into his chair without more questions.

“Are you going to follow directions, kitten?”

She started to nod, but corrected herself. “Yes, Daddy.”

“Part your legs over the arms and show me your pussy.”

Her breathing picked up the moment he issued the command. Slowly, as though shy, she spread her thighs over the chair arms. The skirt inched up, revealing more of her lovely brown thighs before her pussy came into view. Her labia parted to reveal the pink color inside and he hummed in pleasure.

“Fuck yourself. Three fingers, fast and hard.”

She gave a little moan before sucking three fingers into her mouth. When they were wet, she parted her labia with one hand before pushing into her body. He leaned back on the couch and released his cock from his jeans.

“Oh gosh, Daddy.”

Her eyes were riveted on his cock as he stroked himself to full hardness. She slowed to watch him.

“Bad kitty. What are you supposed to be doing?”

She focused on her task, but her eyes never strayed from his moving hand.

“Do you want my cock, kitten? Do you want to crawl over and put your pretty mouth on me?”

Her breath hitched. She swallowed hard, her hand moving in time to his. “Oh, Daddy. Yes.”

“Will you suck me hard and swallow all my come like a good pet?”

“God, Daddy! Yes.”

Her hips swiveled and humped, her breathing labored as she fought hard to reach the top. She was delicious and he felt on the edge of coming just watching her fuck herself.

“And will you come like that, kitten? With my cock down your throat, happy to be serving your Daddy?”

“Fuck,” she groaned out. “Yes, yes Daddy.”

He knew she was close. Knew she’d ask for permission.

“Daddy,” she begged. “Please.”

“Take your hand away.”

He watched her struggle, but she managed to stop. Her body trembled with such deep  need he nearly took pity on her.

“Watch me come, kitten, while I stare at your needy pussy.”

Her groan was pitiful. She gripped the arms, keeping her legs open for him as he pumped hard. She was a darker blush color, so open for him.

“It would be nothing to cross and fuck you right in that chair, to feel your body wrapped around me as I fill you with my come.”

“God,” she whispered, her white knuckled grip seeming to keep her in place.

A tiny whimper from her just added to his pleasure. He was over the edge in the next instance, long ropes of come that he could see painting her brown nipples or dribbling from her pretty pussy, instead of on his hand and clothing. It was intense, the climax buzzing through him.

When he was spent, he relaxed against the couch. She was still panting and squirming, her pussy still open to him.

“Come here, kitten.”

She rose on shaky legs, dropping to the ground to crawl to him. When she was close, he leaned down for a kiss.

“You may go to the mall and shop for three hours. No panties and very wet for me. There and back because I plan to use your body when you return. Do you understand, kitten?”

Her bottom lip quivered. “Yes, Daddy.”

She scurried away with a much better attitude.

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  1. Kt

    I dont think this kind of roleplay is for me because i just found it strange but thanks for giving me a look into something different!

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      Cara Thereon

      Not smart on her part. He’s pretty perceptive and stopped her before she got herself in more trouble

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