Fire and ice 

She arched with a gasp, her eyes closing tight behind the blindfold as the icy chill circled her clit. 

“What is that?” 

The words came out in a rush as the cool touch pressed between her lips, moving deep into her body and sending a shiver up her spine. 

“Do you like it?” His breath was hot on her cheek. “She thought you would. She’s helping me use it on you.” 

This time she whimpered as the coolness stretched her wide. A warm finger began circling her clit and she cried out. It was too much to stay still like he’d demanded with every press and circle. She tried to lift her hips to feel so much more, but the rope at her waist held her fast. 

“You can come for me like this.” He pressed a kiss to her mouth before whispering against it. “With that splitting you wide, with her finger on your eager clit.” 

He captured her quivering lip with his teeth and the nip nearly pushed her over the edge. 

“Oh, God.” 

“No. It’s, ‘Yes, sir.” 


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