Make me…

Unedited quickie

She woke with a start. A finger trailed down her spine and she had to suppress a shudder, remembering the role she’d had thrust upon her. Instead she stretched out, flexing her body in open invitation. 

Her hips settled back into a lap, her bottom cradling the length of a very hard cock. She wiggled, signaling her desire even as her mind calculated how quickly this would be over so she could plot her escape. 

Squeeze the cum from this thieving bastard, find her sister, find a transporter to… 

Her thoughts were cut short as he parted her thighs and slid deep into her body. She exhaled with a breathy sigh, her mind shorting out as her body opened wide for him. 

There was little time to adjust as he set a hard pace, pushing her to her belly and applying a bruising grip to her hips. Her mind truly jumbled as every part of her focused on the storm gathering deep in her cunt. Her plans be damned. Nothing mattered except the way this man claimed her, except the masterful way he rushed her headlong into the most explosive orgasm ever. 

“I know exactly what you’re thinking.” His voice rasped in her ear as he continued to devastate her. “How am I going to get free from this man after he’s possessed me so completely?”

Her sex adled brain struggled to comprehend his words. “What?” She could do no more than whimper and gasp under his heavy thrust. 

She was so close, her body wound taut and ready to dissolve.

“Because I keep what I claim, always.” His teeth sank deep into her shoulder, pushing her right over the edge. 

She came with a scream, shuddering around the cock buried inside her. Her singular thought through it was the need to feel his cum bathing her insides. More than needing to breathe, more than finding her sister in that God forsaken place, more than her freedom. 

As the first warm spurts filled her, she shuddered anew. The heavy weight of him atop her was a comfort as he emptied himself at the entrance to her womb. She could do nothing except take it gladly even as her freedom slipped away. 

She didn’t feel the weight of the chains on her limbs until her mind cleared. His lips caressed her shoulder where he’d bitten her, bringing her mind around to the sting. Dread followed quickly after. 



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          1. Nick

            Hey, don’t go overboard with it!
            Just sharing wishes can make them happen.
            Already Hubman is deep inside you…
            Just remember to breathe..

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