Lazy, Sensitive, Writer

So much for posting. 

I’ve been reluctant to post anymore of Hunter. Maybe because the story takes a turn at this point and I’m not sure how it’ll be received. I should just do it anyway, but sensitive writer here. 

I also have a draft of the invader story rotting away. Maybe it’ll be finished at some point? 

Family’s in right now so all I can give you is belated boobies. 

That fixes everything, right? 


  1. Gris375 aka gary

    Well . . . . . maybe not EVERYTHING but I think its a marvelous treat to go with my blueberry waffles; most certainly, they put me in a better frame of mind to face the day.

    Sharing, at its finest.

  2. Aku

    Completely preaching to the choir here about being a sensitive writer about some stories 😀
    Whatever you decide, those like me who follow your blog for all your varied creativity will enjoy whatever comes next.
    And as for fixing things, being that I just saw this on Monday morning after a shitty week and a grumpy start to this new one, yes, they definitely helped fix my state of mind some. 🙂 So thank you and hope you enjoy your family time!

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