Days of Christmas: 5

Unedited. Sorry, I just got off work then this story surfaced. 

Too much wine. 

The flush stealing over my cheeks and chest were a sign I was inching closer and closer to the zone of bad decisions. The one where I stripped and started dancing on tables. It was time to put the wine glass down and leave this party before I embarrassed myself. 

A sexy waiter passes with a half empty tray of champagne glasses. After checking him out for far longer than I mean to, I manage to off load my glass on him and make the trek through the crowded hall. Where did I leave my jacket? 

“Cara, are you leaving already? Not enjoying the party?” 

The sound of my boss’s voice brings me up short. I have just enough wherewithal to plaster a smile on my face before making an about face. 

“Mr. Cole! Oh, yes. Lovely holiday party you put on. The wine tastes like sunshine.” 

Even to my less than sober self, that sounded stupid. I just have to hold the smile long enough to convince him I cared and then I’ll call a cab to take me away. 

Someone bumps into his back, forcing him to step closer to me. A mistake because I get a whiff of his cologne and he smells amazing. In spite of my warnings to my drunk self, I can’t help letting my eyes track down his body. He’s fit, a fact I’d always been aware of, but purposely ignored. I don’t mix business with pleasure no matter how tempting. But too much wine and the musk of his cologne was sending my libido into overdrive. 

So, I let myself look my fill. Strong jaw and that full bottom lip. He’d forgone his usual suit for a knit sweater and fitted brown slacks. I had an uncontrollable urge to rub my face against his chest and purr like a kitten. Stop it, Cara. 

“I’m glad you chose to come tonight. I know you usually leave to spend time with your family around this time.” He smiled at me, his blue eyes open and warm. 

I usually never attended the annual company Christmas party, opting instead to head home since it was the only time I could see everyone. This year, my family decided to come to me so I had no good reason to beg off. What I couldn’t believe was that he’d noticed my absence. It wasn’t like I reported directly to him or interacted with him daily. Definitely not enough for him to know my activities.

Now the flush on my cheeks couldn’t totally be blamed on the wine. 

“Well, this year you get me in all my radiant splendor. I even wore my good bra for the occasion. Is it hot in here or what?” 

It was like my brain had disconnected from my mouth and there was no stopping the tide of embarrassment. I was starting to feel woozy and lightheaded. 

His gaze was fixed firmly on my chest, which did nothing for my sudden temperature spike. When his eyes returned to mine something in my face must have concerned him because he stepped closer. 

“Maybe it is a little warm. Come on and I’ll see about getting you some ice water.” 

“No, I-” 

Whatever I wanted to say was cut short when he took my hand and began leading me through the crowd. His hands were calloused and so nice against mine. I wasn’t thinking about where he led me. No, my mind was fixated on how his hands would feel cupping my breasts. 

I let him guide me out of the room into the hall which was blessedly cool. We passed through into a small sitting room where he took me over to a padded bench. 


“Yes, sir.” 

He gave me a narrow eyed look as I plopped down on the bench. It was a look that triggered a clench deep in my core. After a beat he moved to a fridge I didn’t see when he first entered and brought me a chilled bottle of Evian. 

I expected him to leave, but he sat down beside  me. His shoulder and thigh pressed into mine and now I was overwhelmed by his too good scent. Now I had to battle my overwhelming desire to rub myself against him again. 

His chuckle brought me back to myself. “Did you just purr?” 

“I’ve had too much to drink,” I groan and lay my head against the wall at my back. “Maybe you should call me a cab before I do something I regret.” 

“Like what?” 

“Like kiss you. And that wouldn’t be good. At all.” I squeeze my eyes shut and take a deep breath. God, I hope this wine worked its way through my system quick. 

“Why would that be a bad thing?” 

I turn my head toward him, but don’t bother opening my eyes. “Two reasons. One, you’re my boss. Two, you’re my boss.” 

He’s pretty sober, surely he could see that. 

“It’s not an issue if we don’t make it one.” 

“Not an iss-” 

His lips capturing mine obliterated my thoughts. It seemed to clear the wine fog away too. I’m frozen as his mouth teases mine in a gentle kiss. Lips I’d always thought of as stern were warm and soft against mine. My brain melted and I parted my lips as he deepened our contact. 

He tasted like mint and I wanted to suck him down. I wanted to feel his naked skin. Apparently my mind and body were in agreement. Enough so that I found myself straddling his lap and clinging to his lips. 

My fingers gripped his shoulders as my hips rocked along the hard ridge tenting his slacks. He felt like he’d fill me perfectly. I wanted to feel how well stat. My hands gave up clinging to his shoulders in favor of burrowing under his sweater to find bare skin. 

“Mm, Cara.” His lips trail down my jaw to the fluttering pulse at my neck. The scrape of his teeth made me shudder and rock harder. “You’re killing me.” 

“You can’t die until after you make me come.” 

I felt his chuckle against my skin. “I’ll try to wait then.” 


  1. Chris d7

    So… after reading Hyacinth for .. well, just how long now..? I thought I’d pop over to a linked blog for a change.

    Days of Christmas: 5 — I got to the end and thought “well, fux me, where’s the rest?!?!”

    Well, Ms Cara??? Where’s the rest of it? 😛
    Digging your writing, on my first visit. x

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