Unedited thoughts 

Water cascades over me and without conscious thought my hand slips between my thighs. 

I’d been thinking of you again. You eased into my mind like the best kind of thought, the kind that makes me squirm. 

My fingers circle my clit and I can’t help remembering the last time we met. The way you made demands, made me cum, made me scream out in pleasure. 

All thoughts of showering dissipate as I sink into the memory of you sinking deep into my ass. That bit of pain that bled into pleasure so good it surprised me. 

I wish you were

Here… Buried in my cunt

Here… Taking my ass 

Here… Slipping to the back of my throat 

Making me feel more than I ever have and long to again.

I am wet and ready. My fingers buried where I need you to be. Moans meant for you spilling from my lips, filling this steam filled room. 

I wish you were here to give me exactly what I need


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