Love me tender #MasturbationMonday

He cuddles up to her and the air stops in her lungs. The warm gust of his breath on her shoulder, at the nape of her neck arouses her almost as much as his fingertips dancing up her thigh. She can’t help arching back, her ass cradling against his cock. The hard length of him nestled between her cheeks so perfectly that her body heats

“God, you feel so good.”

The hand at her waist falls to her belly and she waits, offering herself in invitation by draping her leg over his strong thigh. His fingers only tease though. One long, tapered digit circles her belly button, dipping into the depression before pulling back to do it again. The others curve over the slope of her stomach, just brushing her mound.

His other arm loops beneath her ribs, his palm hot against her sternum. She aches and he’d barely touched her. The suggestive in and out of his finger, the hard length of him between her cheeks, his hand so close to the tight buds of her nipples. Her cunt voiced its need by clenching with every dip and dribbling arousal on her thighs.

“I can feel how much you want me.” His lips brushed her ear sending a rush of shivers through her. “If I touched your cunt, would you be wet and plump for me?”

She whimpers, wiggling her bottom praying he’d do just that. “God, yes.”

His hand crept lower and her breath caught again in anticipation. Slowly over the curve of her belly, down over the curls decorating her mound, down to the lips of her cunt already open and waiting for him.

One gentle touch and then he was plunging two fingers deep, wrenching a harsh cry from her. All gentleness and teasing fled as her body called to his with every push into her core.

“Fuck, I love the way you feel. I have love the way you cry out just for me so freely.” He bites into her lobe and she just about loses her sanity. Her body grips his fingers and he groans low. “Yes, squeeze me hard, baby. Let me have a taste of how you’ll hold my cock.”

Something sweet with a little heat for MM


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