Flash 14

For MM

“Care to wager?”

I watched him with narrowed eyes, sensing I was about to place a losing bet. He leaned against the doorway, seemingly relaxed as though we were betting on horses or a ball game. That ease of his irritated the hell out of me.

“What are the terms?” I let that hard edge creep into my voice.

His smirk made me nervous and heat suffused my body. There was an element of recklessness that pushed me to do things my rational mind warned me against. I was playing with fire and the danger of being burned excited me.

There was no answer right away. Instead he moved towards the bed, presented his back to me and began stripping his clothes.

Definitely not the type of guy I’d go for normally. There wasn’t any of the hard musculature that drew my eye, nor the extreme swagger. While he wasn’t handsome, the challenging edge to everything he did sent a jolt of desire to that spot between my thighs. 

I waited, watching as more skin was revealed. So while he wasn’t what I’d go for on sight, my body appreciated the view as he climbed in to bed.

When he slipped into bed, I lifted an eyebrow in question. “So?”

He didn’t answer until he was laying under the sheets, his cock more than half hard even as his body relaxed in the bed. That smirk of his remained in place.

“I bet you I can make you cum by licking your pussy.” He started stroking his sheet-covered cock as he spoke.

Damn. I couldn’t help licking my lips as I watched him pump until he’d hardened nicely. My eyes snapped back to his and this time his gaze was all lust.

I pushed away from the door and walked closer to the bed. It was impossible to keep from watching him stroke himself. “And what do you get?”

“I get to put this in any hole I want.” He swept the sheet away so I had a look at what he’d been stroking so slowly. He looked like he’d hit the perfect spot wherever he slipped in. Just thinking about it intensified the heat between my thighs.

My eyes bounced back to his and that smug look was back. He was daring me again and I felt myself sway towards him. Towards a bit of danger.

“No one’s made me cum like that.”

“Well then you’ve got nothing to lose, do you?” The cocky son of a bitch grabbed his balls and laughed. “Afraid I’m going to win?”

Now that made me snort. I didn’t tell him the only person who could make me cum was me. Suddenly this bet was looking like a good one. One I’d win either way if I took it. His hand went back to stroking his cock and I started to feel pretty good about my odds.

I dropped my pants, underwear and all, and shed my shirt and bra. Climbing on the bed, I straddled him so his cock nestled between my labia. I rocked gently until he was nice and wet, smirking when he groaned.

“Let’s see if you’re as good as you say you are.”


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  1. A-Ku

    …psst you used “intensified” twice almost successively in a short span, might want to modify that.. sorry, can’t help myself…

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