Flash 8

1000 words

“Honey girl, I need to see you.”

She froze in the brushing of her hair, hearing the command in his voice. He stood in the doorway of the bedroom, his gaze an unreadable mask as his eyes swept her seated figure. Uh oh. There was no hiding the wide-eyed expression on her face as she stared at him in the mirror. Dread bloomed in her belly and she swallowed around the dryness in her throat. He didn’t offer his usual smile when she gave him a tentative one and the made her anxiety and dread worse.

“Now, Honey.”

She jumped as his voice cracked like a whip through the room. “Yes, Daddy.”

He turned on his heels and left her fretting for a beat or two before she followed him into the living room. She made to sit at his feet when he settled into his leather chair, but he stopped her with a shake of his head and a firm no. She stood fidgeting while waiting for his next order.

“Strip and then assume your position.”

This was no seductive striptease, she removed her clothes quickly under his hard gaze. She folded them and placed them at his feet where she longed to be. Linking her arms behind her back, she thrust her breasts out and parted her legs. Dropping her eyes to the grounded, she held the tremors at bay while she waited for his inspection.

She could feel his eyes roving over her. A flush started under her skin, her nipples tightening and her sex growing damp under his gaze. In spite of the anxiety plaguing her, he still had the power to arouse her with a look.

The silence made her nervous. She could feel his displeasure and knew a hefty punishment was coming. He never disciplined her when he was angry. No, he waited until he’d cooled off and had time to devise a suitable act to remind her that she still needed correction. The time he’d corrected her for taking the car out in a pretty brutal snowstorm still made her bottom tremble and her pussy ache. He gave her a hell of a spanking and edged her for a week until she throbbed like a live wire.

“I had an interesting conversation I had with the credit card company today.”

She just stopped herself from moving. Shit. She was in deep trouble. How could she have forgotten about her little mistake with his car? He was going to kill her.



There was no stopping her tremble now. Her knees wobbled for a moment before she locked them.

“I’m disappointed in you, Kathleen.” Just saying her name brought her tears to the surface. Not only the use of her name, but the sadness in his voice. Her heart ached. She opened her mouth, but shut again with a snap. “Smart girl.”

She heard him rise from his chair and brush by her. Experience told her not to move until her released her so she remained in place, silent tears rolling down her face.

Disappointing him tore her up, but she couldn’t seem to behave. He was good to her in so many ways and she struggled to squash the bratty, rebellious streak that lived in her.

When he returned, he strode to her and placed a hand on the back of her neck. The whip came into view and her silent tears turned fell in a torrent.

“You’re my Honey girl, make no mistake. I knew what I was getting into with you when I made you mine, but sometimes I wonder if you knew what you were getting in to with me. I love you, Honey, but you can’t keep things from me or disregard my orders. Today, I’m going to have to remind you what it means to be my baby girl.”

The whip disappeared from sight. She watched as his fingers came in to view to tease her nipple. Not gentle caresses, but hard pinches that brought it to a throbbing point. He went to work on the other until it throbbed too.

“A firm hand is what my baby needs. My Honey girl wants that, doesn’t she?”

Before she could answer the hand at her neck disappeared and landed on her ass. She couldn’t help her yelp of surprise.

“She acts up when she wants attention. Behaves badly so I can show her I care.” Her brought her head back with a sharp yank of her hair. “Don’t worry, Honey, Daddy is going to show you how much her cares about you.”

The fire in his eyes consumed her. Hunger and leashed control blazed back at her, and ignited all the soft parts inside her.

“Present those pretty breasts to me.”

Releasing her arms, she lifted breasts up like an offering. He murmured his approval before dipping down to capture one hard peak in his mouth. The wet heat made her pussy spasm, each suck adding to her mounting need. Her eyes slid shut under the sensation and then flew open when the sharp bite of a clamp closed around one nipple. Oooh God.

“Uh uh, don’t move. Present them to me and take your punishment.”

She kept them lifted, trembling as she watched him lave and suck the other. Knowing the pain was coming only served to double her arousal until she nearly collapsed when he applied the second clamp.

“I should clamp your little clitty, but I think I have a better way to show it attention.”

The part in question seemed to grow under his attention. Not the kind you want, she berated it silently.

“Over the arm of the couch. Legs spread, on tip toe with that lovely ass of yours as high as you can get it. I have plans for you, Honey.”

She swallowed hard as she met his eyes. He promised a lot with that look and she was both aroused and scared.

“Yes, Daddy,” she mumbled as she turned to obey.

To be continued? 


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