The WANT of it

I ache and you know it. As you squeeze, knead, palm the full mounds of my ass, I press my face into the mattress and wait. I want you. Please, I want you so much.

You groan. Your love of my overabundant assets is obvious from the weighty erection you sport, but I can’t see it. The husky desire in that low groan tells me more, makes me clench.

Fingers tease open the protective lips of my pussy and a seeking mouth finds my clit with ease. The gentle suction makes me squirm, my thighs part wider, and my ass lift higher. It’s not long before I quiver and moan out my pleasure at being touched just like that.

But I want the solid thrust of your cock inside me, pushing in so slow and stretching me wide. Fill me, touch me deep inside.

I need it, and you’re happy to oblige.

I wish I could see you taking me from behind. You’d admire the line of my back bent forward, the heft of my ass held apart by your hands, and the way my lips cling like an embrace as you advance and retreat. Advance, retreat. Please, faster.

Slap, slap, slap. A sound so sweet. Your flesh meeting mine and making music. My moans add the higher notes as your cock finds that perfect spot inside that rattles my foundation.

Drops of your sweat fall on my skin like rain as I arch into you. I am held down by the force of your body moving into mine, but I want to offer more of me. Your hands press into mine and our fingers link, a different connection that threatens to slay me.

Slap, slap, slap. Hips pushing against mine determined to achieve my total surrender.

Don’t worry, you already have it.


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