Unedited Quickie

I’d slipped something into her drink at the dinner table. Something subtle, she wouldn’t even notice she was sleepy. 

She lounged on the couch for a bit until I noticed her yawning and nodding off. Her eyes were a little glazed as she turned to me in the middle of the movie. 

“That wine really did a number on me. I probably shouldn’t drive home.  Is it okay if I used the spare bedroom?” 

I acted interested in the scene before turning to her. “No problem. Sheets are clean.” 

“Thanks,” she slurred a bit. 

She pressed a kiss to the corner of my mouth before moving slowly off into the hallway. I kept my focus on the screen for a while, pretending to watch, but listening to her take stumbling steps around the room. 

I counted down from fifteen, knowing it was enough time for her to strip off her clothes and fall into bed. Excitement had my cock hard before I even got off the couch. 

It was silly, but I still tiptoed into the room. She lay on her belly, naked except for a pretty red bra half undone. The expanse of bare skin from neck to toe was beautiful. 

I unzipped my jeans as I crept closer, stroking my already hard cock as it throbbed in my palm. My eyes were fastened on that gorgeous ass of hers. I wanted to fuck her ass and feel her tight around me, but that would have to be another time. 

My weight depressing the bed caused her to shift, her thighs parting to show me her cunt. My mouth watered, want zinging to the base of my spine and drawing up my balls. Fuck, I’d come on her thighs if I wasn’t careful. 

Legs parted on either side of her hips, I brace a hand just beside where hers rested  near her pillow. I desperately wanted to thread my fingers through hers, wanted to press into her back so all of our skin touched, wanted to kiss those lips that always come so close to mine, but I did none of those things. Even knowing she slept on, I’d settle for fucking her this way. 

I guided my cock into her. It’s a tight, slow slide that made me grit my teeth. She moaned softly, lifting her hips almost in invitation. It’s glorious to watch my cock enter her and I shuddered in an effort to control myself. 

A soft sigh left both of our lips when I finally settled as deep as I could go. 
She seemed to vibrate beneath me. As though dreaming of this moment, as though relishing me seated so deep inside her. I watch her face rub the pillow and her hips move as though begging me to fuck her. 

I alternated between watching her face scrunch in pleasure and watching my cock move in and out of her. It was slick, she was slick and grew slicker as I rode her slowly. The wet sounds of her body and our skin slapping together filled the room. 

That sharp tingle moved to the base of my spine again, my balls drew up tight in preparation of spilling inside her willing body. I just watch, fixed on her cunt. I’m almost there…

Her hand falls atop mine, startling me. I look first to see that she’s still asleep, pleasure marring her face. She’s other wise asleep, but her fingers have threaded themselves through mine, holding me tight. 

She stiffened beneath me, and I feel her come around me. I give in to my urge and rest my head on her shoulder, caught in the perfect feel of her wrapped around me. I pull out as the need coalesced and come in my palm. 

She says my name, her voice a raspy whisper that makes me gasp. 

I stepped away from her fast before anything splattered on her, freeing my hand from hers. She remains still on the bed and I take a few breaths to steady myself. Asleep. Still asleep. 

She looked sated and peaceful, her cunt more welcoming covered in her wetness. Every inch my perfect girl. 


  1. Dawn D

    This is well written, as always, but the rape aspect of it makes me uneasy.
    I know it’s a fantasy (or fear?) of yours, so I understand. I just can’t “like” it.

    1. Post
      Cara Thereon

      I understand. Part of me was uneasy writing it (plus it ended up far softer than it otherwise could’ve been), but it’s something that lurks in my mind so it’s always best to get it out.

      1. Nick

        Yeah, I’m with Dawn on that. Thanks for clarifying.

        Interesting, the victim seems possibly to be well disposed towards consensual interaction with you. Maybe there is another story, full of guilt and self-recrimination?

        1. Post
          Cara Thereon

          I’m sure there’s a place for that? But I don’t know if that place is in my mind to be written on this blog. I have enough guilt without pouring it out in a story that I want to feel good

          1. Nick

            There is good in him here, too.
            He had decided he would not come in her, which possibly avoids very unwanted complications.
            Next time, as this was obviously planned, he could have condoms available. He would have enjoyed being inside her when he came.

            I loved the scene where she is aroused, where she came. Very erotic.

  2. Elliott

    I agree about the drugging, and it raises interest as to why he needed to do that. But, I’m glad you wrote it as you experiment with different topics. The sex was good and felt real. The part about him alternating back and forth watching her face and then his cock sliding in and out is so true. And I can relate too, the part about jizz building and the feeling starting in the balls. Good quickly. Maybe come back to these two sometime?

    1. Post
  3. Domsigns

    The beauty of fiction is that it can free you of the constraints and restrictions of what this would mean in real life. You can explore those darker places in way that would not be acceptable behavior. I think of this like Hannibal, except it is about sex.

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