I’ll Offer That

“You ready?”

The press of men is too close for him and his hand can’t wander up my dress to my panty-less pussy like he wants. I still have beer left and want to watch the girls dance, but I’m more than ready if he is. Minutes later we’re out into the humid night for the ride home.

Top down, hem of that dress up, I succumb to the wet play of his fingers before we even leave the parking lot.

Circling my clit, dipping down between my pussy lips, and back up.  My thighs splay wide as he whispers how much he loves touching me. There’s something naughty about it, letting him finger me in a moving car and I submit to it.

But I’m more interested in tasting him again than in getting off myself.

I let my breasts fall free as I lean across his lap. I’m so damn hungry for him it’s unreal. My tongue traces up from base to tip over and over, wetting him as I enjoy the smooth feel of his cock. I slip him into my mouth, sucking and tasting the salty pre-cum on the tip. Mmm, so good.

Feeling him tense, shift, and lift his hips as I suck exhilarates me. I’m so turned on, loving the way his fingers trace down my back to my ass. He teases me as I try to devour him. A couple of light slaps remind me he’s not forgotten his promise to spank me.

“I’m going to cum if you keep that up.”

Please, please cum. I crave that taste once more. My mouth tightens around him as his hand closes around the back of my neck. I hear the car accelerate as he tenses and gives up his cum. Some spills out painting my lips and I can’t help giggling as I lick him clean in the dark.

“Next time we’re focusing just on you.”

I lean back and smile as his hand caresses my bare pussy again.


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