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Standing in his room – no, definitely suite – ten minutes later, I absently wondered how I got there. How had he managed to sweet talk me into following him back when I told myself I wouldn’t? The anxiety and desire that bubbled through my veins freaked me out, but leaving was the furthest thing from my mind. My heels sank into the beige, plush carpet as I waited for him to make a move.

God, I felt like a helpless lamb before a hungry wolf. Stupidest fucking analogy ever, but so accurate. Preston’s that wolf prowling, circling, waiting for the right opening before it slaughtered the innocent lamb. I start tracking his every move, braced for the moment he’d pounce. Never mind the thrill I felt as I watched him, I couldn’t trust him. I wasn’t sure I could trust myself either.

“Drink?” He poured a finger full of brandy into a tumbler, his eyes never leaving mine.

“You don’t have anything strong enough,” I mumbled, shifting as my discomfort grew.

His laugh, that one that caused that low clench in my belly, bounced off the walls. I couldn’t look at him when he laughed like that. My resolve, my stiff upper lip, wavered and threatened to crumple. Unable to help myself, my eyes dropped to the front of his pants. Just seeing the telling bulge fired my lust higher. I looked away, my face hot from any number of emotions.

I haven’t felt this uncomfortable since I saw my first cock. Un-fucking-believable.

I made the mistake of lifting my eyes to his and he sucked me in, my body opening and softening for him. God, he hadn’t touched me since we walked in and I was slowly turning into this bendable thing. It’s scary what I’d do for him after just one look; it set me shaking.

That thought, of me losing myself, scared me shitless. Enough of the burgeoning lust dissipated that I took a half step back. “I think I’d better head back to my room.”

Preston began a slow advance, his gait feline. “You scared?”

One dark brow rose and my hackles rose with it. If my spine got any straighter, it would’ve snapped. “I’m not scared of any man, ever. Especially not of you.”

“That’s not what I think.” He was swirling the amber liquor and looking at me with an unreadable expression.

“I don’t give a fuck what you think. I can take anything you can dish out.”

His face morphed into one of smug satisfaction that fast. “Can you?”

Shit! What had I just agreed to? My vision seemed to narrow as he closed the distance between us and pulled me flush against his body. The way our bodies collided, soft into undeniable hard, liquified me. He buried his hands in my hair, working out the pins and tugging until my face tilted up to his. And I let him, I leaned into, panting and waiting for him to take my lips in a kiss. Except he wasn’t done proving his point.

“See, you’re exactly like I thought you’d be. You want to take what I have to give, but not because I pissed you off.” He lowered his head to ghost his lips over mine, stopping me before I could continue the contact. “You want it because that’s the kind of woman you are. So soft, willing, and incredibly subservient.”

No. Fucking. Way. I chanted that over and over in my mind, but my body trembled with need against him. My pussy creamed, for God’s sake. “No.”

It was unconvincing to my ears, that denial. The quiver in my voice said so much more and his smile broadened. He teased my lips once more and I clenched at his shirt desperate to really taste him. This was about control and it was evident who had it here.

What floated through my muddled mind was how much more I wanted him to take. Just take and take until it didn’t matter who was right, until I was too exhausted to care.

Preston deepened the kiss and stole my fucking breath. I was a goner and I prepared to go willingly to my death.

“Mm, intoxicating.” He spoke the words into my mouth before he stepped away. “Take off you dress.”

I was alone in the middle of the floor still dazed from a few kisses trying to process his words. He settled himself on the couch, watching me with that expectant look on his face as he drank his brandy. My hand fell to the hem of my dress without conscious thought.

“Nice and slow.” His voice was smooth as it brushed over me.

I opened my mouth to complain, but nothing slipped passed my lips except for my ragged breathing. The fabric scrunched in my hands as I inched it higher; something in me longed to tease him, to unsettle him and wipe that smirk off his face. I turned my back to him then and revealed the bare curve of my ass to his eyes. I heard the slight intake of breath behind me and smiled. Whipping the dress off, I let my hair fall and cover my body.

The air felt cool on my too hot skin, my nipples tightened painfully in response. Nerves hit me again as I stood with my back to him. I was cursing myself for the way I waited with bated breath for him to move me, but he held me captive. Glancing down the line of my body, I was reminded again that I wouldn’t leave. He already had me.

“Turn around,” he whispered. I shivered, heaven help me.

I thought about denying him, but it was only a thought. No, in the forefront of my mind as I turned around was whether he’d like my body. I wanted him to. I wanted this man to look at me and see beauty. Goddamn me, his opinion mattered. That need forced my eyes shut for fear of his reaction.

The silence as I stood trembling was unbearable. I fell to my knees, my hands reaching blindly for my dress, too vulnerable all of a sudden.

“Don’t.” Faster than I could see, Preston had a hold of my hair. He pulled me to my feet and brought his face close to mine. “You’re not allowed to hide from me so stand up straight with all the pride I know you have and let me look at you.”

He yanked until my head is back. I felt a hand at my breast, weighing and pinching until I’m squirmed. It’s frightening all of a sudden this change in him. He’s aggressive as he holds me and explores my body, touching as though I belonged to him. And I reacted to that; cunt wet, breasts heavy, heart racing in pure arousal as he staked an unspoken claim.

“Beautiful.” He spoke the words against my lips as he kissed me so gently. My body bowed toward his in offering, melting under the tender way he kissed me.

The gentleness ended as he pulled me behind him toward the chair. He sat and tugged me forward. I’m on my knees before him, hair still wrapped in his hands, looking up at him through glazed eyes. My mouth started moving before I could think. “Preston! Please…”

“Uh-uh, I think we need to fill that mouth so it stays silent.” He said it all in a very matter-of-fact way as he unzipped his pants, removing his cock so it stood tall. I groaned, ready to wax poetic about the sight of him flushed red with blood and weeping precum.

“Open up.”

We stared at each other. Preston smiled at me, his eyes gentle, and I just wanted to please him. I swallowed and opened wide, taking pleasure in his sound of approval.

He positioned me, guiding my head until he slid between my lips. My eyes refused to stay open as I tasted him, as he fucked my mouth. I was lost in the sensation, in the force, in the strength of him using me. Gagging on him, my need to serve him with my mouth, was getting me off. I knew it would take one touch and I’d fly apart. My hand slid down my stomach veering toward my dripping cunt, needing to come with his cock in my mouth.

“Not yet.” He tugged hard and I yelped at the pain searing along my scalp, and damn me, my pussy quivered and I moaned. “You love the pain, don’t you? You love it, my little whore.”

The truth mortified me.

His sexy chuckle turned me to jello, pushing me that much closer to the edge. “It’s okay, baby. I’m going to fuck you just like I promised because that’s exactly what you need. And then I’ll give you the rest.”

The way his eyes sparkled seduced me. He’d found my buttons and was pushing the hell out of them.


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  1. Missy

    Wow. I love how descriptive our writing is. Makes ME taste, feel, yearn. Don’t you love it when you feel like a teenager again!?

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