Twelve Week Challenge – Week 2

Really quick update because I’ve got some serious packing to do before I fly out this weekend.

Week 2 requires us to look up articles related to one of our goals. My first goal revolves around editing so I went on a search for articles of the breed. I asked Vikki for help and her response was, “don’t talk to me about editing!” My thoughts exactly.

One of the articles she directed me to (by Bridget Whelan) relates to editing post NaNoWriMo, but I thought it had three good tips that I plan on trying soon.

1. Read all the way through the story and summarize each chapter in 100 words or less
– I’m almost done with the first read through. I couldn’t manage it in one setting. While large parts make me hot and squirmy, I’ve done more cringing in the last few pages. I plan on going back and doing the summary and I’ll update you midweek with an edited excerpt.

2. Imagine my character being interviewed. Talk about their goals and what they want.
– being comfortable with the things they like sexually, not letting the past define them.
here’s where I ask you to give me an interview question to answer about my character. Help me out here.

3. Write an alt ending
– this one intrigued me and I’ve already got ideas for how I’d change the ending some. Definitely got my mind working. Maybe it’ll motivate me to tighten up the middle while I’m at it.

Worth a try. I’ll post a poll midweek next week on genres. Need your help on that too.

I hope my partners in crime are meeting their goals.


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      Cara Thereon

      I think summarizing each chapter gives a focused idea of whether they’re talking about what you want them to. I’ve never done a synopsis so maybe they’re similar. I know it’ll force me to examine whether my chapters are talking about what I want them to.

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  1. The Reclining Gentleman

    a question for your character: “where do you see yourself at the end of the book?”
    you have your plans for where the plot and characters will go, but it this where they see themselves / want to be? You can ask them this at various points to see how their perception of their own future change as the book goes on.

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  2. lovesexandmarriage

    Good job this week babe, especially with all the stuff you’ve got going on. Doing betterb than me! Here’s my question… ”
    What’s the most significant thing that’s happened in your life, before chapter 1?” Xoxo

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