Deeper Cut

There is mention of cutting/knife play! This was a story that popped into my head when I should’ve been sleeping last night.

“Do you like it that much?” His breath on her cheek made her shiver more than the cold steel pressed to her leg.

The knife slide up her inner thigh from her knee to the crease of her hip. A thin line that made her hiss as her blood seeped out. Her body burned when he ran his fingers up the cut and she arched up when those same fingers plunged into her cunt.

“Is that all you can say?” He pumped into her once, twice, three times. “Cat got your tongue?”

She’d agreed to be his play thing, her desires written on her face when he’d showed her his knife collection. There was always a certain relief in this, this handing herself over to him. Trussed up as she was, arms bound above her head and legs splayed wide, she had to trust him.

He slid the knife up her other leg, cutting just a little deeper so she yelped. He coated his hand with her blood before fingering her again. Deeper, pressing three fingers in until she was begging.

“Not yet.”

The blade slid along the curve of her breast, slicing along the underside as it circled back to the top. Her cunt throbbed at the pain, so close to orgasm as he wiggled another finger inside.

“You’re squeezing me tight with each cut.” He leaned forward and licked up the blood that dripped down her ribs. “I bet…”

He sliced slowly down her breastbone, his hand stuffing her cunt full. She cried out then, begging him with wordless desperation. All it earned her was a laugh from him and his teeth biting into her nipple.

Blood dotted her skin, her pants heavy and her eyes wild. The sharp edge of pain as each of her cuts throbbed in time with her cunt held her on the razors edge.

“Please. Please. Please.”

He leaned in, his fist wiggling a little deeper as he brought his ear closer to his lips. “I can’t hear you, speak up.”

“Please, I need it. I need you.”

The blade cut into her side and it was like a damn broke. She felt her blood ooze out of her side as her cunt clamped down on his hand. Everything poured out at once. Pain and pleasure mingled as tears spilled from her eyes. The emotions she’d held in seemed to flow from her.

“Feel better?” He was releasing her bounds and moving to treat her cuts as she floated on the clouds.



  1. Brigit Delaney

    While knife play may not be my thing, this is a sexy story and I can see how that kind of pain release could work for some. I notice than when stories like this come to mind for me, I am seeking my own release, and this quells the need for just a moment. Did getting this out help you sleep…or make things worse? And I’m curious about knife play…have you done it, and does it scar?

    1. Post
      Cara Thereon

      I went back to sleep before I wrote it, but my guess is I need some kind of pain relief and that’s why I’m thinking of it. I’ve only done knife play once and it wasn’t deep. I’d like to try it with the right person to see how it would be.

    1. Post

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