I wanted to call this misbehaving masturbator.

Home in five.

She didn’t think she could wait that long. Her cunt ached. Rolling to her belly, she squeezed her breast before jamming her hand between her thighs.

The tease of a long day could be felt in the heat and wetness that met her fingers. All plump labia and a fat clit, she shuddered as she cupped her vulva. She thought about teasing herself more, but there wasn’t time for that. Plunging two digits in, she fingered herself for just a moment.

She buried her face in the pillow, stifling her moan when she pulled slippery fingers out of her cunt. Lifting her hips and spreading her thighs, she cried out softly just brushing her own clit.

God, she needed this desperately. She needed the rush of sensation as she rubbed. She needed the heat that rose up in her whole body with each circling. Her hips humping as that tingle started deep in her cunt. Her chest rubbing into the sheets, chafing her nipples and making the ache tighten that much faster.

She arched, almost there. Her frantic rubbing filling the air with filthy wet noises.

“Fuck,” she whined, her body a mean bitch.

She needed a little more. A harder vibration, a smack to her ass, a clamp on her nipple. Sweat beaded up at her hairline as she chased her pleasure.

Her gasp as an unforgiving cock slid deep into her body was loud. One hand gripped her hip to pull her back, another wound into her hair to yank her up.

“You couldn’t wait five minutes, huh?”

Hir voice was full of laughter. She would’ve felt bad for not waiting if the end result wasn’t a cock in her cunt. Ze ground their hips into her ass, the harness straps digging deep.

“I should fuck you into the mattress, but not let you cum, you naughty girl.”

A hard thrust would’ve sent her forward if she hadn’t been held so tightly. She whimpered at the threat. She was so close.


She was pushed forward, her face pressed into the pillow.

“Rub your clit and beg. If you ask nicely, maybe I’ll let you cum.”


  1. elliott

    Fun story, nice surprise.

    Sometimes the need to orgasm is so great you do not have time for the pleasures of masturbation. You showed that, and the photo is artistry, I know what is happening, but I can’t see clearly and that makes it all the more erotic.

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