We were Kindred

Cara Thereon's kitten sipping milk from her finger

Smut marathon is in round 2 voting. Go pick your top 3 for the round! I’m doing my own form of participation. The first paragraph is what Molly wrote for the first round. Everything after is mine. I believe I came in at 123 words.

The first time I saw her she was standing in the witness box opposite me. She was wearing a plum coloured dress that fitted the curve of her waist and a mass of red auburn curls framed her petit face. She was the woman who would send me to prison.

My cock twitched and my heart raced with excitement as I watched her straighten. She avoided my eyes, but her fluttering pulse told me she felt my gaze.

Another woman, and my lapse, brought us together that day. She had yielded to my charm, smiling as I drained every drop of blood from her body.

This woman, Sorci according to the lawyer, had witnessed my habit and was brave enough to testify.

I should focus on her words. Instead I contemplated her fiery hair fisted in my hand, her blood painting my skin as I glutted myself on the feel of her body.

“Who was holding the knife?”


Her eyes met mine and I groaned. Those eyes were empty.

We were kindred.


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