Losing focus

Cara Thereon's kitten sipping milk from her finger

Follow along. This is a quickie

I opened my mouth to beg. For him to stop or to keep going, I wasn’t sure.

What I did know was that I wanted to come on his cock so fucking bad. I wanted it more than I wanted to breathe. Obviously. My cunt cling to him, fluttering around him as I edged that much closer to toppling over.

He groaned softly as I clamped down hard. He was close too. I felt it in the urgent way his hips snapped.

I felt him touch my clit. He grasped it hard between his fingers, pinching until stars bloomed in front of my eyes. I came hard, my body spasming beneath him. This felt more intense than anything I’d ever experienced in my life and I didn’t want it to end.

Tears blurred my eyes. I blinked them away, not wanting to lose sight of him.

His hand tightened around my throat until I couldn’t draw in another breath. I grasped at his wrist, but didn’t try to pull.

There I was, making a mad dash to my fucking death and putting up zero fuss. This was why I kept my desires under wraps because deep down the shit I liked wasn’t normal.

I’d have laughed if I had enough oxygen to do it. I wouldn’t die by a killer’s bullet, but with his cock buried in my cunt and him choking the life out of me. At the very least, I shouldn’t be enjoying it so much.

Things started to fuzz around me. I held his eyes, watching as his face contorted and he gave a long groan. Even that sounded far away. I wanted to savor the feeling of his warm come filling me up, but I was losing focus.

My vision tunneled to points. He was all I could see. He leaned in and pressed a kiss to my open mouth.

“I’m going to miss you when you’re gone, detective. You’re so perfect for me.”

He whispered the words into my ear as everything faded to black.


  1. elliott

    The detective needs to gain focus. I’m looking forward to seeing how this case ends up. I loved when he touched her clit. This is one arousing story.

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  2. Molly

    I love that she is so fucking filthy and knows that this is totally her thing. The fear and the aggression and the risk all getting her off. Surely he has found a soul mate…. or is just too dark for that


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