No Touching

Naked skin from neck to knees

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“What do you think she was doing?”

He reached around the glass and stroked a finger over the curve of the statue’s breast.

A marble statue of a naked woman lying back

No touching

The sign declared the words in bold letters, but my mind was on the movement of his hands. Powerful, safe, capable hands.

I swallowed at the sudden jealousy that curled in my belly. The way he looked at her, the caress, made me irrational. It also made my body soften with longing to feel him touch me like that. A clear demand for attention.

“She wanted something if the look on her face is any indication.”

His finger hovered over the tip of that perpetually erect nipple. I swore the marble seemed to breath, reaching to fill the gap to feel his touch.

My moan drew his attention to me and I couldn’t hide my arousal. I wanted his hands tracing my curves, his fingertips teasing my painfully erect nipples. I was in public, but my cunt only cared about what it wanted from him.

What it wanted from my step-brother.

“What do you think she was thinking about?”

God, he knew exactly where my mind was. I glanced away.

“She’s thinking of things she can’t have, but wants anyway.”

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  1. Taut

    Exquisite. Your triple entendre is lovely and artful. I can feel her thrill and longing – and the pain of forbidden desire. Thank you for this beautiful piece.

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