Sitting up

An unedited quickie

“Come here, little girl, and let me tell you a story.”

She crawled toward him, eager to listen. When she reached him, he sank a hand on her hair and pulled until her neck was bared to him.

“What would you do, kitten, if I put you in an auction?” Her heart skipped a beat before speeding up. “I’d fuck you the night before, but not let you come.”

“Daddy,” she gasped as his other hand wrapped around her throat.

“You’d lay all night in your cage, my come dripping out of your little cunt. The next morning, I’d tease you until you were crazy with need. Then I’d lead you across a stage in front of men clamoring to have you. Men who hadn’t seen a woman in ages. I’d chain you to the ground on your hands and knees with your cunt splayed open. They’d touch you all over, rough hands abrading your skin.”

The scene floated before her eyes. Her pussy with so many thick fingers pushing inside, her nipples twisted until she cried out, and her ass sore from probing hands.

“Fuck, Daddy.” Her eyes wanted to close, but he tightened his hand.

“Oh they’ll fuck you for the right price, kitten. Fuck your wet pussy, your sassy mouth, and your little asshole. Which one will it be? Which one will pay to use my kitten? Maybe it’ll be more than one man. One for each of those greedy little holes.”

Her breath grew short from his grip on her throat, but her cunt pulsed harder and harder. Oh God, she might come from the fantasy alone.

He leaned down and kissed her parted lips, stopping to whisper against them. “I’d cover your eyes so you’d never know who won, only feel the cock as it fucked you hard, little girl.”

She trembled then, her body on fire. “Daddy?”

“You’d come from that rough fucking. Face pressed to the wood, your body full of cock and come. Wouldn’t you, kitten?”

“Daddy?” She gasped, his name a plea. “Please may I come?”

He chuckled at her. “Is my little cunt hot and achy? Maybe I should do just what I said I would.”

“Please, Daddy.” She whispered this time.

“I know my kitten well, don’t I? My needy little cunt that wants to be fucked.” He released her hair and placed his hand between her thighs. “Come, kitten, so I can feel just what the thought of being sold does to you.”

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