New Girl

Midnight quickie

A pretty girl in the locker room. Short, blonde, beautiful, and lithe, she was a pixie or a sprite.

“Is this your first time here?”

Her voice was high and light, floating above the spray of water cascading over my head.


I blinked water out of my eyes, surprised she spoke to me. She stood outside the shower stall, peeking around the curtain, staring blatantly as water dripped from my breasts. I was too stunned to cover my body.

“I’ve never seen you before and I know everyone.”

She stepped in, body as bare as mine, her perky breasts leading the way as she came closer. Those pink tips were so tight my palms ached to touch. How would they taste on my tongue?

My surprise was morphing, uncertainty and desire twisting in my belly and settling in my cunt. I shifted, remembering I held my soaped loofa between my palms. I dropped my hands to my sides.

“I just moved to town.”

My voice was husky with that blooming desire, lust having fully taken control as she closed the distance between us. I swallowed, resisting the urge to retreat. The spray of water hitting my back, kept me on place.

She barely reached my shoulders, but she felt larger and far more in control. She was definitely a pixie, with the sudden power she had over me.

“I like to greet all the new girls that join the gym.” She pressed her body to mine before gliding down to her knees.


My brain disconnected from my body when she leaned forward and pressed a kiss to my mons.

“I want everyone to feel welcomed here.”

When she looked up at me, all bright blue eyes and full pink lips, I parted my legs for her. With steam swirling and my heart racing, she made me feel welcomed right away.


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