Poses and Pain 

I’ll have a stranger in my mouth today, but not for anything even remotely fun. So I leave you poses requested by @WantonRose on Twitter. Her request 

@thereon_cara sitting, legs cross, leaning back on arms that are behind you, and your chest out

No panties of course. So here’s my attempt as I’m on my way out the door 

Feel free to leave a pose request. I’m usually pretty willing and often naked. Good day to you! 


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  1. goldbean92

    Very erotic, can you do a frontal and side view cobra, lotus, Makarasana (sitting on a chair and table), Ustrasana, Bālāsana. Also love to see you sit in a chair in a pretzel position and also turning over on a doggy position with your upper body pressing against the head of the chair. Last, I’ll love to c Sr you pose against the wall and shower glass or mirror with your frontal body touching the wall and glass or mirror. I hope this will be convenient for you.

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