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Yes, I wrote this. Careful or the next story will have tentacles! 

Her head felt like it was going to explode. 

She blinked a few times, trying to clear the fog that had settled around her. Her body was taking way too long to come back online, her limbs numb. Between her head and her body, she knew she wasn’t just suffering from a terrible hang over. A surge of panics hit her and she faded back to unconsciousness. 

It was a while later she woke again feeling a little clearer and in control. Attempting to rise, she was impeded by bindings looped around her neck and limbs. She blinked up at the metallic ceiling above her, mentally reaching for something familiar. 


She wanted to lose, but knew she needed to keep her head about her. An assessment revealed she was strapped to some kind of metal table the straps crisscrossing her torso and thighs as well. There was no easy way out of this and she had zero memory of how she got there.

At least she was clothed. She drew a semblance of comfort even if she had nothing else. 

“You’ve risen.”

She couldn’t see who spoke, but the sound was… Off. Not like someone speaking through a stereo, but definitely muffled and discordant to her ears. Whomever it was made a soft sigh or purring noise to her far left. Too far for her to see. 

“Who the fuck are you?” She couldn’t keep the bite out of her voice even with her precarious situation. Fear made her reckless. 

A face peered down at her from directly above and she blinked in surprise. Squeezing her eyes shut, she opened them again, once again confronted with the bizarre image in filling her vision. The thing – she assumed it was male by the depth of its voice and the broadness of its features – above her couldn’t be human. 

It had wide eyes with cat like pupils the color of violet. Its skin was so pale as to be translucent, the veins beneath almost purple. The mouth appeared normal until it opened its mouth revealing razor sharp teeth that made her think of a shark. A tattoo of dark ink decorated the skin on his forehead, forming an almost crown like appearance. 

“Is this a joke? Did Tracey put you up to this?” 

One thin eyebrow rose at her question. “I assure you I don’t joke. I must prepare you.

All her bravado fled the moment he pulled a large syringe full of a clear viscous substance. Before she could even put up a struggle, he was injecting the thick liquid into her neck. The moment it hit her system, it reacted. 

First it was a strange tingling that started in her face and moved in a rush down her body. Then came the heat; intense radiating heat that made her want to tear her clothes off. 

“Please, please,” she begged, her eyes squeezed tight as the heat overwhelmed her. “I can’t take it. Help me.” 

The being was cutting the clothes from her body piece by piece as she begged. Her skin was quickly becoming too sensitive. The heat morphing into something pulsing as she writhed in her bounds. 

It was a different kind of tingle now. One that made her nipples painfully tight the moment he snipped the band of her bra. It made her stomach clench with sudden need, moving down until it settled between her thighs. Her labia felt full, wetness dribbling out and down to coat her pucker before pooling on the table beneath her. She needed to come desperately. 

“Now for the preparations” 

She arched up when it touched her thighs. The sandpaper quality of its skin too much sensation. She felt herself being parted gently and the being making humming noises. It tapped her clit once and she exploded, keening loudly as the orgasm ripped through her. Something touched the tight ring of her bottom and she came again. 

“Very sensitive to the elixir.” It spoke to something else in the room. “We will remove its hair coverings to increase the response.” 

She felt something warm skimming the surface of her mons and then lower. Even that made her whimper, but it wasn’t enough to push her over only heighten the need. 


Her mind was a cloud of need, her body aching with the desire to keep coming until she was spent. She begged for that even though the being ignored her to continue its exam. 

Something pinched one nipple in a punishing grip before a shaft of pain lanced through her breast. The fog in her head cleared slightly from the pain, but not enough to stop the orgasm from rolling through her like a train. The other nipple was subjected to the same treatment until both breasts throbbed in time with her heart. 

“Your keeper will appreciate the adornments we’ve provided.” It tweaked her nipple drawing a gasp from her. 

“My… My keeper?” Her throat was raspy. “What keeper?” 

It continued on as though it hadn’t heard her. Instead another lance of pain shot through her navel. When the pinch settled on her clit, she begged again for it to stop. 

“All possible sources of pleasure must be adorned. It is the way your keeper has requested you be presented.” 

She came with the hot pain that hit her clit. 

“I will leave the proper internal exam to you, as required.” She knew it wasn’t talking to her, but she couldn’t discern another presence in the room. “Be aware that this species requires a delicate touch when breaching its orifices. The soft tissue will damage if used too roughly without proper stretching.” 

Her bottom was breached suddenly and she struggled. Her useless writhing only earned her a warning slap on her breast causing her to come once again. She lay trembling as the object expanded in her bum, stretching her open. 

“This will allow you to use this hole much sooner. Simply increase its since each day until it reaches the girth required for penetration. The front hole will accommodate, but still requires gentle entry and preparation the first time. It will take you with ease.” 

“Send her to me immediately. I will examine and train her myself” 

The voice that registered sounded impossibly deep and hard. Fear returned in full force as she listened. Her mind refused to believe what was happening to her.

The being appeared above her again. It’s sharp teeth on display. 

“You’ll serve your master well, won’t you, human?” 

Tremors of a different kind hit her and she faded from consciousness. 


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