“You too fresh to be out here. You sure you ain’t with the police?”

This one was a talker. She rolls her eyes, ignoring his babble as she unbuckles his belt. The clunk of metal hitting the floor seems to increase his nervous chatter.

“I can’t afford to go to jail. My wife, my wife…”

The words die in his throat as she takes his semi into her mouth. He tastes of sweat, piss, and musk. For just a moment she enjoys the way he slides down her throat, for a moment she lets him fill her up like a lover would.

But only for a moment. She’s there to work.

His hands found their way into her hair and the quick jab of his hips triggers her gag reflex. She lets him seesaw into her mouth, one hand leaving divots in his thighs while the other rolls the tight pouch of his balls.

“Can I…” He releases a long groan, his hands tightening in her hair. “Can I cum in your pussy?”

She ignores his question, pressing her face down until her nose touches the wiry nest of hairs above his cock. Fighting her gag, she swallows around him over and over until he releases a shout and a gallon of cum down her throat.

His tight grip prevents her from pulling back, forcing her to swallow every drop as he jerks and trembles against her. When he releases her, she makes herself rise gracefully from her knees off the dirty bathroom floor. The salty taste of his cum and sweat linger on the back of her tongue.

“Fifty bucks.” Her voice is as neutral as her face.

He’s barely focused, leaning against the wall with his jeans around his ankles, flaccid cock wet against his thigh. For a moment he looks almost reluctant to pay up, but she levels him with a hard look. She slips her hand into her skirt pocket, fingering the knife she keeps handy for those Johns who get ideas.

“I didn’t even get to fuck your pussy.”

He looks on the cusp of putting up a fight. She gauges her slighter weight against his bulk and pulls the knife all the way out.

“Fifty. Bucks.”

The hard tone seems to communicate her message. He reaches into his shirt and pulls out a wad of bills. The bills hit the ground with a plop that has her narrowing her eyes.

She retrieves her money and exits without a backwards glance.

The trek back to her house is a quick one. She doesn’t bother to creep in because she knows everyone is up.

She tosses her keys on the stand by the door, kicking off her heels and unbuttoning her blouse as she passes from the entryway into the living room . A little dirt streaks her left knee and she brushes it off before following the smell of dinner into the kitchen.

“Did you get all your errands done after work?”

His back is to her, the muscles bunching and relaxing as he stirs. A little heat swirls in her belly just staring at him.

“Yeah, picked up what I needed.”

She presses against him, loving the hard feel of him. He turns his head and she stretches up to kiss his lips. Some part of her hopes he knows, hopes he can taste the salty cum of a stranger on her lips.

“Mmm, dinner will be ready in a bit.”


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