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Is there anything more embarrassing than being butt-ass naked in a paper gown?

Shay shifted on the exam table, glancing to her clothes piled on the chair as she considered making a break for it. Maybe she didn’t need this chec—

A knock froze her in her path to the chair, her ass hanging out in an embarrassing display. The doctor stepped in and shut the door behind him. Surprise registered on his face before an easy smile lit his face. It transformed his face from stern to handsome in a second. Not only was he not her doctor, he was attractive.

“Trying to make a break for it, Miss Thompson?”

She stood corrected; this was the height of embarrassment.

There was nothing to do except cover her ass and move back to the exam table. “I’ll cross ‘criminal mastermind’ off my career options since I can’t even escape a doctor’s office.”

Her comment only made him laugh and a zing went through her at the sound. Shay shook the feeling away as he stepped closer and offered his hand.

“I’m Dr Otts and I’m filling in for Dr Keats today. Your file says you’re due for a Pap smear and breast exam. I’m going to give you a quick listen before I have the nurse step in to assist me.”

He pulled the stethoscope from around his neck and placed the diaphragm against her chest. She took a deep breath without his prompting and inhaled his cologne, the musky scent filling her lungs. Before she could stop herself, she groaned. He chuckled softly and continued listening.

God, was it possible for this to get any worse? Shay felt her body start to react to his nearness. Anxiety had started a dampness between her thighs and her out of control hormones had her in danger of soaking through the paper lining on the table.

“Any issues or changes of health to report?” He pressed a hand to her shoulder to encourage her to lay back.

“Uh… I took myself off my birth control pills a few months ago. I wanted to talk to Dr. Keats about switching to a shot or IUD.”

“Periods have been normal? When’s the last time you had sexual intercourse?”

“Not counting anal sex? Over a year ago.” Her face felt like it was on fire. Lord in heaven, her mouth wouldn’t stop moving.

He looked down at her for a moment before moving down to the end of the table. “Let’s do your pap and then discuss your options.”

She stared up at the ceiling as he pulled the stirrups out. Out of habit she placed her feet in them. The door opened to admit the same nurse who’d taken her vital signs earlier.

“Scoot down the table, Shay.” Settled between her thighs and pressed a hand to her knee. “Open up.”

He tapped until he had enough room. She felt her lips part and silently cursed herself for not taking a little more time to tidy up down there. She hadn’t expected to have a sexy doctor with his hands in her lady business.

The exam itself was blessedly fast with none of the discomfort she normally felt. He handed over the specimen to the nurse who stepped out, leaving them alone again.

“Quick check for your ovaries.”

She tried relaxing as much as possible as he pushed a hand inside and palpated her abdomen.

“Are they in there?” She blurted.

There was that deep chuckle again. “They are. Nothing to worry about.” He peeled off his gloves and went to wash his hands. “Sex hasn’t been painful? What prompted you to stop your birth control?”

She watched his back as he worked, mesmerized by the way the material stretched over the broad expanse. He’d be commanding during sex, towering over her, pressing her into the exam table as he worked hard between her–

A light cough jerked her to attention. She blinked, startled to see him standing above her a small smile on his face. Her body softened as the image took root.

Uh…” Her face colored as she scrambled to pick up the conversation. “No, sex feels awesome… I mean, sex feels okay, no pain. I stopped my birth control because I wasn’t having sex regularly and I hated taking a pill everyday.”

“Have you considered condom use?” He kept his eyes on hers as he rolled down her gown to bare both breasts.

Her hands moved to cover herself, but he stopped her with a hand on her wrist. She swallowed and placed her hands low on her stomach and squeezed her eyes shut.

His warm palm settled on her right breast and she pressed her lips together to stop the moan. Her nipple tightened into a hard nub as he pressed gently, feeling for lumps. The warmth of his hands soaked into her skin and each pass of his fingers sent a buzz to her clit. That moan she’d been holding back couldn’t be contained any longer.

“Condoms?” His voice had a husky note to it that sent her pleasure higher.

Her brain had disconnected from her mouth and reconnected to her clit when she spoke again. “In my purse?”

He finished up the other breast, covering her before taking a step back. His face was back to the stern visage she’d seen when he’s first stepped in. She sat up quickly, avoiding his eyes.

“Miss Thompson, I’ll definitely discuss your preferences for birth control with Dr. Keats and make my recommendations. Is there anything else you need before I leave you?”

She ignored the heat between her thighs begging for his brand of medical help. Instead she lifted her eyes to his and pasted on a smile that she prayed didn’t communicate her desire.

“No, I’m good to go.”

His face softened just a bit and she tamped down her lust. “As long as your results are good, you can go three years until your next Pap smear. I expect you to continue your monthly breasts exams.”

“Yes, sir.”

Something flickered in his gaze, disappearing in a blink. “Good. Take your time getting dressed.”

He left without a backwards glance. Talk about a whirlwind of emotions. That brought her mind back to the insistent pulse between her thighs. He said she could take her time, right?

She spread her legs and cupped her cunt. Her clit was swollen, her fingers becoming slick so fast. Just the simple touch made her flutter.

Pressing the heel of her hand to her clit, she thrust two fingers deep and caressed her breast. It was easy to mentally replace her hand with the good doctor’s. Him pinching her nipple, slapping her clit, giving her the most thorough exam…

She bit her lip as her climax hit her like a truck. Oh God, it felt better than any she’d had in a long time. She couldn’t help circling her clit slowly, teasing every last spasm out of her body until she relaxed with a soft sigh.

Dressing quickly, she removed the paper cover from the table, tossing the large spot of evidence into the trash. Leaving was much easier than entering.

Shay approached the desk with a smile that the receptionist returned.

“It’s recommended you have a 6 month follow-up with Dr. Keats.”

“Actually, can you schedule me with Dr. Otts instead?”


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  1. Kayla Lords

    My OBGYN when I was pregnant with my oldest was sexy as hell…I was too repressed to have great fantasies about him, though. Sad but true. I have to relate to Shay and her mouth, though. I tend to be like this during the annual exam, regardless of whether my doctor is male or female – I just blurt out whatever comes to my mind. I like to think I give them a good chuckle. 🙂

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