#MasturbationMonday Succumb

Mmm, time to play. Something old and flowery.

Warm wetness closed around her nipple, sending her into a spin. She clung to the edge of the table, her nails leaving crescent shapes in the leather as she fought to right her world.

“Oh,” she breathed out as he sucked harder.

The sensation, sharp and electric, moved like a ley line from her nipple to her cunt. It was a cascade of spasms and moans triggered by his sinful mouth.

Her silk slip fell like forgotten tissue around her waist, and his hands grasped her ass and pulled her closer. He kneaded the globes under his palms, and then sucked more of her breasts between his lips. Her vision blurred as the sensations coalesced inside her.

She was held in place, liquid passion in his hands.

Every pull made her body pulse, throb, ache with something more than desire and need. Every pull into the wet suction fogged her mind, took her higher until her mouth poured forth nonsense and she felt strung out. That addict’s craving had her shaking for him.

The cool air on her skin when he released her had her whimpering. She was needy and too far gone to cloak herself with pride. All she could do was pant and cling to him, desperate to have his mouth sipping from her again.

But he knew that, damn him. He know exactly what he did to her. He chuckled at her distress and leaned forward to blow his breath over one nipple, drawing a gasp from her as it furled to impossible tightness.

A hand slid up her thigh, stopping just at the seam between thigh and hip. His eyes, glinting bright with mischief and something just a little dangerous, held hers. “Time for another nip, yes?”

He lowered his head and captured one peak between his teeth, biting hard enough that she cried out. The rasp of his tongue laved away the pain, blending it with the pleasure coursing through her. Her fingers sifted through his hair, tugging it hard and holding him to her, letting him have his fill of her.

She felt possessed, devoured, and so hungry for him.

Her head fell back when his hand parted her and dipped into her pussy. He hummed against her skin as he touched her, shooting her need higher, whispering that he hungered for her, too. She parted her thighs for him, giving herself up to the tug of his mouth and the stroke of his fingers.


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