“Take your clothes off and get on the bed.”

The tone of her voice didn’t change, but the command threading through her words made him hard as a rock. He licked his lips as a nervous energy coursed through him along with the sharp edge of arousal as he contemplated what would happen if – no when – he obeyed.

One dark eye brow rose in question. “Don’t make me repeat myself. If I have to, the results will only be a pleasure for me, I assure you.”

He topped her by five inches and thirty pounds, but he knew without a doubt she’d bring him to his knees if he didn’t follow. Something about the possible punishment made his cock jump in his jeans.

With deliberate slowness, he began removing his clothing. He felt the heat in her stare in his bones, his mind detached as he considered how he looked to her. Was the width of his shoulders to her liking? Or the muscles quivering beneath his skin, did they convey strength to her or did he appear weak and thin?

He pushed his boxers briefs down and waited a beat as his cock bobbed proud in the space in between them. The slight catch in her breath gave him a large measure of satisfaction he couldn’t hide.

“Well?” Her bored question sent him straight to the bed, the desire to please her a sudden compulsion.

He spread himself out on the flowered comforter like an offering, splaying his arms and legs so he was open to her.

Her approach was soft, something he felt rather than saw. He pictured the sway of her hips, the bounce of her breasts beneath the lacy bra she wore. His mouth watered at the possibility of tasting her as she rode his face.

“And what should I do with you now that you’ve had sense enough to be obedient? Should I reward you for it or punish you for your hesitation? Maybe I’ll tie you down and ride that cock until I cum.”

She trailed her finger from his neck down to the head of his dick, smearing the pre-cum that had leaked out along his stomach. He bit back a moan, his hips jacking up in need.

Her fingers trailed back up, captured his nipple, and pinched the erect bud until he arched his back and cried out. Her face appeared in his sight.

“I’ll do one better.” Her brown eyes glittered with a secret knowledge. “Roll over.”

Lust and that ever-present nervousness held him in a grip for just a second before he was turning on his stomach. His breath shuddered out of him as his erection got caught between his body and the bed.

Something cold dribbled from the small of his back down between the cheeks of his ass. He jerked at the sensation, his hips sawing forward and drawing a groan from him. She smacked his ass hard.

“Lie still.” That steel was back in her voice and he froze. “I want you to remember that I’m in control here. Total control.”

Then he stilled for a totally different reason.

Her hands, so warm and delicate, began a slow knead up the muscles of his back. The oil slicked his skin as she targeted each section, working around his spine and out until he felt himself melt into the mattress. He relaxed so much that the feel of the bed dipping beside him didn’t even register. Nothing registered until she was straddling him and he remembered the painful press of his cock beneath him.

Instead of stopping, she continued her ministrations. Massaging his arms, shoulders, scalp until he was putty again.

“Now let’s try something different.”

She turned, her hands resting on the swell of his ass as she steadied herself. She moved until she was resting more on her knees then on his back.

“I want you to touch yourself for me.” She patted his ass. “Lift your hips and wrap your hands around your cock. Stroke it while I work. Follow my orders and I’ll let you cum.”

Her command zipped through him, causing his cock to jump and throb. He drew in a fortifying breath and lifted up enough so he could grasp himself. God, he was so hard and hovering on the edge without trying. A few strokes and he’d cum all over.

Another smack on drew him back. “That’s my cock. You don’t cum until I say you can, understand?”

He swallowed hard. “Yes.”

“Good, now stroke my cock.”

Even as he started, her fingers began kneading the tense muscles of his butt. Kneading and searching for knots in the large mound of sinew and flesh. Down his ass to his thighs, rubbing in time to his stroking and driving him crazy.

His cock felt like it would burst any second. He alternated between gripping hard to stave off his release, teasing the head to bring him close, and slow pumping movements. Can’t go until she tells me, was the chant flowing through his passion fogged mind. Oh God, don’t let me displease her.

“You don’t know how sexy you are to me,” she began in a throaty voice. Her hips swiveled, her cunt pressing into his back just enough he could feel her plump lips through the panties. “God, I can’t handle the way your hips rock. I’m imagining you sliding deep inside me, pumping hard.”

On one of his downward strokes, her fingers dipped between his cheeks. The moment she touched the tight crinkle of his anus he groaned so long it felt like his body vibrated.

“And that moment you cum inside me? That moment you fill me up and spill out of me will be so perfect I could cum from the beauty of it.” She pressed and slipped deep inside with one digit.

“Oh, God!” He arched hard enough that he almost unseated her.

“I want to feel you cum.” Another long finger pressed with the first, scissoring and stretching until he couldn’t take it. Until he was trembling. “Cum for me now.”

And he was undone. He stroked fast and spilled across the counterpane, his hips jacking in a crazy rhythm as he humped into his clenched fist.

She moved above him, her pussy grinding into his oil slick back. It seemed to navigate his orgasm to another level knowing she got off on this.

The worst of it passed after what seemed like a lifetime, and he eased down into the mess beneath him. He panted and jerked as she pulled her fingers from him.

“Good. You’re so good.” A soft caress along his thigh and the pleasure in her voice made him moan in response. “Now you get to rest because next you’ll be servicing me.”

She placed a kiss between his shoulder blades and left him. The promise in her voice revived his flagging erection. He was ready to serve.


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