You’ll sit up and take notice

Trying to shake loose the words jumbled in my mind.

He miscalculated the easy with which she’d acquiesce.

Maybe his assurance came from the way her eyes refused to meet his when they first met. She glanced up, her pupils dilated to points and her lips parted, and then she dropped her gaze so quick he wondered what she been thinking. His need to know demanded he uncover her hidden truths.

Except she was much more headstrong than he realized.

She never said “no” to his requests, but the defiance was in the shift of her hips, the set of her shoulders, the proud tilt of her chin. Sometimes she danced around doing exactly what he wanted under the guise of being obedient.

It rankled and aroused him. That streak of willfulness called forth something animal, and she became prey. The need to sink his teeth into her skin until the taste of her disobedience bled out on to his tongue nearly overwhelmed him. Only his teeth at the tendon running along her neck would render her pliable at times, as if she only would bend for the beast.

It also made those moments of compliance delicious. They stood out in stark contrast, like beacons of light. He’d draw her over his knee just to accent his appreciation. The softness of her body and the redness of her bottom lovely highlights that satisfied them both.

He turned narrowed eyes on her now. Her back ramrod straight, the slightest quiver zipping down her frame the only indication she felt his gaze.

Which would he get tonight? The subtle defiance or the delicious submission?


Her knees bowed and she folded in the most graceful way. Circling, he came to her front, admiring the glow of her naked skin.

Grasping her chin, he brought her face up so her could see into her. Her eyes remained fixed at the level of his zipper, her lips parting. Always eager for her, his cock hardened under her gaze.

“Look at me.” The words were harsher than he intended, but had the desired effect.

Those eyes were pools of brown liquid when they met his and he knew which woman he possessed tonight.

“How much do you want to please me?” He let his hand slip into the hair gathered at her nape as he spoke. “Are you going to show me?”

“Yes.” One whispered word that resonated in his gut.

A growl rumbled in his chest. Her eyes dropped and he felt her soften.

“Then show me.” Pulling her forward, he sighed when she pressed her lips to the front of his pants. The kiss communicated everything. This day she gave freely, allowing him to take as he wished.


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