Chapter 2

The hours blended together, minutes bleeding into each other in the darkness. How long would he leave her strapped to that cold metal table? A true test of her will.

She wondered at one point when Katie would realize she was gone. They spoke on her walk home, but her friend won’t start worrying for a few days. Two days? Three? Hayley may be dead by then.

In spite of her rock hard resolve to show no fear, every noise served to reduce her to trembling. The fear sending the table rattling beneath her.

He was well aware of her fears and seemed to relish the sight of terror on her face when he did decide to appear again.

Three times a day he showed up; every time just like the first time. He was the devil who materialized from her nightmares, solidifying her belief that this was the culmination of all the horrible things that had happened in her life.

She grew to fear the light more than the darkness; at least the darkness filled her imagination, but the light brought real horror.

The first time he’d returned, her empty stomach had grumbled in protest. She’d pled for food, but he ignored her words. He told her simply that it didn’t please him for her to eat anything other than what he provided for her. All her provided was a sweet-tasting juice was all he allowed her. It slacked her thirst and just took the edge off her hunger, but left her feeling empty. He’d hold her head up as she drank, his customary smile on his face.

Hayley wasn’t brave enough to lash out in those moments, fearing he’d leave her in the dark longer.

Her humiliation reached its zenith when she asked for the toilet that first time. His gleeful smile revealed his excitement as he told her to go. Pride demanded she hold it, but the juice had run its course, as he knew it would, and she was forced to relieve herself. She clenched her jaw, staring him down, ignoring hot tears as they slipped into her hair and the warmth of her urine puddled beneath her. He never once acknowledged the smell or cleaned her up. Obviously lying in her filth pleased him, too.

They slipped into a routine. He would come, make her drink until her bladder would burst, watch as she peed, and then he’d brutalize her.

His hands would torment her body; pinching her breasts, violating her with his fingers, prying her mouth open and making her suck them clean. She knew he was determined to twist her and her every reaction. The road to destroy her mind as completely as possible.

Days on end like this proved to be more than she could handle. No amount of steadfast reasoning seemed to sway him and she worried she was on the verge of breaking. In the end, Hayley decided she’d rather bend of her own free will than allow him to break her.

Hayley knew in her gut that he wouldn’t stop until she gave a true sign of surrender. It was finding the right actions to put an end to the torture that gave her focus. After what felt like eons of this, she decided.

The jangle of the keys at the door after hours in darkness made her heart race with fear. Her body blossomed unwillingly; nipples tightening, pussy opening and growing wet, skin flushing now that he’d returned. She swallowed bile at the realization that he’d plied her body so quickly.

The brightness of the light blinded her momentarily. He glided across the room before her vision cleared, reaching her side in seconds.

“I will… I want to please you.” She pushed the words out before as he reached to caress her stomach.

A calloused hand pinched her chin as he stared down at her. His eyes narrowed, a flinty expression marring his features. The intensity of his gaze seemed to burn her.

“Do you?”

Before Haley could answer, his hand circled her throat and squeezed. The denial of her breath sent a rush of panic through her and she flailed helplessly in her bonds. He applied just enough pressure until black spots swam in her vision and she felt herself fade. A helpless whimper escaped from her at the pure glee and arousal on his face.

“Are you truly ready to please me? Because to please me, you have to take everything I give; willingly. I have a lot to give, pet.” He lowered his head and whispered in her ear. “And all of it hurts.”

She shuddered at the sharp nip of his teeth on her earlobe. For a fleeting second, Hayley contemplated letting him choke the life out of her. Weighing the future if she submitted to him against the freedom of death, she wanted him to kill her. Almost begged for it.

That bastard wouldn’t give her anything she wanted though. His grip loosened before she passed out and her breath returned in painful gulps. She gave a soft cry of anguish that she wouldn’t get that release.

“Your suffering pleases me.” He swiped at her tears and brought his wet finger to his lips. His eyes fluttered shut as though relishing the taste. “I think we are ready to continue your training.”

He apparently required no acknowledgment from her because he began the process of unstrapping before she could process them through her light-headed daze. The straps loosened one by one until she lay unbound on the table. He picked her up, and then placed her on hands and knees. She gauged her likelihood of a successful escape even as she stayed put on the ground.

Would she make it the twenty steps to the door?

His feet appeared in her line of sight and then he pulled her head back to stare up at him. He was attractive and frightening as he looked down at her supplicant position. She kept her face neutral, looking over his shoulder at the ceiling above.

Play the part. She bowed her head the moment he allowed her. His fingers threaded through her hair, stroking her and soothing as always. They stayed like that for so long that some of the tension leaked from her body.

“Do you know why I picked you, Haley?” The soothing sound of his voice relaxed her more. His fingers massaged her scalp then tickled down her back, rubbing and easing the tightness from her. Realizing he asked her a question, Hayley quickly shook her head.

“Because you want to please others so badly. You go out of your way to do it even if it puts you in a dangerous situation. Your boss comes on to you, touches you, and you don’t say anything because he knows you won’t. I know all about your past, what you’re wiling to do to survive. I picked you because you’re perfect for me.”

It was tough keeping a lid on the anger that rose up. He thought her knew her? Thought she was easy because every man before him had tried. It steeled her to class him with those who came before him. He was another crazy son of a bitch, another man who thought her could have her.

She lifted her head to look at him. The maniacal look in his eyes made her voice tremble. “How do you know so much about me?”

His hands threaded through her hair again. “Because I’ve been watching you.” He hummed to himself as the strands slipped through his fingers. “Waiting for the right moment to make you mine.”


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