“Sit. I’ve got some things I need to work out.”

She pushed him down into the chair and crawled into his lap, her hands going to his belt. He’d barely caught his breath and she had his dick out.


Her mouth was pressed against his. Teeth nipped his lower lip then her tongue was licking at him. Hands tugged at his hair, angling his mouth how she wanted it for the kiss. Her eyes were hungry as she pulled back to catch her breath.

The wet warmth of her cunt sliding down around him nearly made him choke. She pressed her hands to his chest and rode his dick with a fierceness that sapped the strength from his body.

He felt the tingle in the base of his spine, she always made him cum too fast. Gripping her hips, he tried to lift her up. Sharp nails dug into his pecs as she ground her hips in tight circles. The grip of her cunt tore a gasp from his mouth and the cum from his body.

“Whatever Lola wants…”

“Lola gets.” He was graced with her smile at his reply.

She patted his cheek as she lifted off his lap, warm cum already leaking out of her to stain his jeans. Her skirt slipped down around her legs and she turned on her heels.

“See ya next week, baby.”


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