Keep it simple

Cara's bum with some marks on it, by a window where it's got light and shadow on it.

I’ve thought about how I want to write. Sadly, the thought that immediately follows is “it’s going to happen”. So instead of fretting and fixating on how it may or may not happen, I decided to use today’s post for something simple; a house for possible story ideas for the month.

I mentioned that gangbang dream I had, I want to note it here so I can come back to write it out. It was sooo good and would make a fabulous story. I woke up sopping wet and surprised.

More ideas:

  • Continuing the Club Craving story, this time with the bathtub scene
  • A female stalker story
  • A fic done ala Killing Eve. A female detective, Penny from Inspector Gadget is looking for Carmen Sandiego. Waldo is her handler. Penny is obsessed.
  • Some kind of gothic horror
  • Something filthy

This is open for public contribution. If there’s one that catches your eye or you have an idea that’ll jump start me, leave it in the comments.

I’m working on changing my mind set (I really need to set an appointment with my therapist to talk about my block), but it helps having some kind of ideas. Instead of ignoring them, I want to give them some attention so maybe I’ll get the words out. Whatever works, right?


  1. Mrs Fever

    I know you often gravitate toward writing fiction, but honestly I’d love to read some “real life” posts from you. About relationships (past/present/future) or exploring kinks or just generally introspecting or sharing your perspectives. And it could be about anything, really. Family frustrations (I know you have them!), body autonomy, choices made, aphrodisiac foods… Anything.

    I very much like to see how people think. 🙂

  2. David Mei

    You are not alone. So I’m trying to write something/anything every day. Hopefully, that will help.
    I like the thought of the penny fonding Carmen SanDiago

  3. Lisa Stone

    I think that when you get hung up on the thought: “I need to write, but I can’t do it,” then just beyond this thought you won’t go. You just have to take any thought and start writing. This will be the impetus for further productivity.

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