Lip licking

Dirty girl, that’s what he liked to call me.

He’d tell me to strip and make me pose, legs spread and mouth opened wide. He’d stand over me, cock bobbing, balls heavy with cum, and tell me to service him.

I’m press to my face in his groin and lick. From tip to base, tight balls, and dark taint my tongue serviced it all. He’d spread his legs wider, hold his cock up, and press my face in deeper. I’m his dirty girl with my tongue spearing the tight ring his hole, licking and teasing. I don’t want to miss a spot.

Then and only then can I suck him off. He’d feed me his cock, straight down my throat and fuck my mouth. All the while calling me filthy as I gagged and slobbered.

I didn’t have to beg for his cum because he always gave it to me. Enough to fill me mouth and dribble down my chin. Enough to leave me satisfied until I could service him again.


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