A view of Cara kneeling, bum to the camera, brown tail with a white tip on in post titled Bushy Tailed

Struggle to get back into the groove of writing. So I’ll keep this one shortish.

“Time to play.”

He said it and she felt the change come over her. Without being asked, she grabbed her collar, ears, and tail plug after stripping off her clothes. She brought him everything and then knelt in front of where he sat on the couch.

Her eyes fluttered shut when he reached out to tilt her chin up. The headband that was her ears settled on her head. Goosebumps spread out over her skin, her mind shifting to that different place.

“Are you ready to be my good little pup?”

She wanted to speak. Instead she nodded once and exposed more of her neck to him. The collar, a thick brown leather band with a heart shaped tag, felt so good against her throat. He fastened the buckle, the tag cool on her collarbone, and she fell on all fours. He stood to circle around behind her, kneeling and placing a hand on her back.

“Are you already wet?”

Dropping lower, she placed her cheek on the floor and wiggled her ass at him. Two fingers teased between her labia and she spread her legs wider for him, panting as he fingered her. She listened as he uncapped the lube and shivered as he dribbled some down the crack of her ass.

His fingers circled and pressed at her asshole while he fucked her cunt with the plug. Arching, she moaned as he stretched her.

“Does pup want her tail?” She gave a soft woof and arched higher.

The plug breached her ass and she bit her lip. Even this, this glorious stretching, made her dip a little lower into this place. The plug popped in, her body clenching as it settled. She breathed in slowly and savored how she felt.

She couldn’t explain how much she loved this, to become this with him. The collar hugging her throat as she swallowed, the tag jangling softly with her movements, the plug nestled in her ass. She was his pup and it always made her feel safe. Nothing else mattered except obeying and enjoying this.

She rose up, stretching her body before spinning around on her hands and knees to face him. Woofing softly, she nuzzled at the the front of his jeans, eager to do whatever he wanted. He laughed and spanked her ass, a move that jostled the plug and made her groan.

“How should I play with my pup? Should I lift her tail and fuck her? Or maybe she needs a spanking after such a hard day.”

He spanked her once more and then grasped the back of her head to press her face to his groin. She mouth at the rough fabric, delighting as he grew thick against her lips.

“First let’s see exactly how hungry my pup is.”


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