I like being naked.

While I have areas of my body I wished looked nicer, perkier, or less dimpled, as a whole none of that makes me uncomfortable with being naked.

I come from a very naked family. Mom will strip out of her clothes in front of any family member and she does not GAF if you’re bothered by it. My brother had a tendency to take his clothes off as soon as he’s inside the door of the house, a habit his kids have picked up from him. I don’t tend to strip off, but pants do come off if I’m with my family or I’ll wear as little as possible.

Going to a sex club? CMnf? Naked in front of strangers? Let’s do it. I don’t mind and I never have.

I prefer to sleep naked if I can, though dashing to the bathroom if there are people in the house that may object to naked is interesting. This is why I don’t bother with pjs really.

I’ve done boudoir shots and full nude photograph and honestly felt more comfortable doing the nudes than the sexy boudoir.

Something about stripping out of clothing and letting it all hang out just seems natural. My body is how it’s going to be, no artifice, no push up to make it more appealing, all lumps and cellulite. And I’m okay with myself in that state.

No issue stripping off in front of friends or strangers. It’s just a body, right? Everyone has similar parts.

I often joke about wanting to go out naked or stripping down at the gym. Society is only so okay with nudity, which is a shame because things would be a lot easier if we could go around naked more often.

Maybe I’ll petition for more naked. Campaign slogan?

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  1. Mrs Fever

    I have an opposite-of-expected issue with my menopausal body temp, in that – rather than being subject to the hot flashes I endured for years (largely due to PCOS hormonal imbalances) – my estrogen seems to have taken over my internal thermostat abd I am constantly cold these days.

    So while I am totally with you on the ‘just go naked’ approach, it’s only comfortable for me to do so any more when it’s (really really) warm. And of course I live in a not-warm climate.

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      Cara Thereon

      I get such terrible hot flashes at night around my period, have for years. Typically I’m cold so I tend to at least have socks on until I start heating up at night.

  2. missy

    I always sleep naked too and am quite happy when I don’t have to wear clothes. I know what you mean about full nude shots rather than sexy boudoir and I would agree with that even though I do have issues with my body. Sometimes it is easier naked that with the lumps and bumps which come from clothing 🙂

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