the tinkle of his belt

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I was frozen.

All that waiting and he was here. He looked relaxed, sitting comfortably in my desk chair, the lamp casting golden light across his face. I was sweaty and out of sorts.

“Aren’t you going to greet me?”

I gripped the doors as so many thoughts cycled through my brain. Chief among them was a need to crawl to him, find my place beneath the desk, and service him with my mouth.

Service him as a proper greeting. Fuck.

The gusset of my panties was growing damper as I battled with myself. Gun forgotten, fear forgotten, I wanted to be bent over that desk as he retraced the marks he left on my back.

“I’m…” I moistened my dry lips. “I don’t think this is a good idea.”

“Oh my sweet detective. This has been the best idea I’ve had since I murdered my wife.”


He pushed the chair back slightly and started unbuttoning his dress shirt. First the cuffs, flicking open the pearled buttons and rolling the sleeves up his thick arms to his elbows. Then the top two buttons, revealing the dark hair and strong planes of his chest.

I was praying he’d reveal more, but he stopped.

“Come here.” He tapped the desk just in front of him.

I was taking a wobbly step before I caught myself. “No, I don’t think-”

His eyes locked to mine and I saw that monster that lurked beneath the surface. The one that wanted every ounce of my pleasure. The one that wanted to hurt me and savor my pain. Consume me.

“Come. Here.”

My cunt throbbed at the command and against all good sense, I shut the door behind me and crossed the room to him, sitting my gun on the bookshelf as I passed.

When I was close, he grabbed me by my waist and helped me up on the desk so I sat in front of him.

The way he looked at me, just looked, made me feel naked.

“You are such a beautiful creature. I believe it’s time to see all of you.”

My breath rushed out of me when he flicked open the knife he produced from his pocket. Without much effort, he sliced through my sports bra and panties. I felt like a virgin with her first lay. All hard nipples and trembly thighs.

I knew better than to hide myself. Hell, I struggled not to just spread my legs for him right then. When he touched me I barely suppressed my moan.

His hands started at my instep, fingers massaging along my my feet until I did moan in pleasure. Then they rose higher, fingers rubbing circles up my calves and along my thighs, inching closer to where I was so wet for him.

“On your back, arms above your head.” I obeyed immediately. “I’ve thought about what I wanted to do to you when the time came.”

He stood up, spreading my thighs so he fit between them, and leaned over me. He was so hard, his cock nudging at my cunt and teasing me. The press of his body into mine had me arching up into him. I had to grit my teeth to keep from begging. Being direct was me to a fault, but in this I couldn’t say the words.

Instead he stared into my eyes. He was a dark shadow above me. I wanted him inside me, so deep I couldn’t think of anything else.

“Do whatever you want.”

His eyes glittered in the low light.

“And if what I want is to slice open your throat and watch you bleed as I fuck your body?”

My breath caught. “Then I guess I’ll die happy.”

Hearing the tinkle of his belt opening felt like sealing my fate.


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      Cara Thereon

      Ah, I see. Don’t get the killers confused. She caught one, he escaped, then she focused on catching the other. Her killer just cropped back up

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