Try Again

Cara Thereon's kitten sipping milk from her finger

I may continue on with the flashes for storyin12. No pressure!

“No, I don’t want to.”

The moment she said it, she knew she was in trouble. It was an issue they’d been having for a while even after a lot of discussion.

“What did you do wrong?”

She straightened in her chair. “I didn’t ask if it was okay to not do it. I just said no.”

“That’s correct.” He stood up and motioned for her to stand. “Now what shall we do?”

Nibbling her lip, she stared at the ground. “However you think is best, sir.”

“Head upstairs and grab the crop for me.”

She wanted to stall, but didn’t want to add on to things.

“Bring down the wand also.”

That threw her, but she grabbed both items and returned. He stripped off her bottoms, directed her over the table, and nestled the wand between her thighs.

He touched the crop to her bottom, tapping the fleshy surface before placing a hand on her back.

“Twenty with the crop. Feel free to come…” The implement was gone and then landed with a crack that made her rear up and almost drop the wand. “If you can.”

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