The Wire

A close up of Cara smiling in post titled The Wire

A close up of Cara smiling in post titled The Wire

“Are you, Kaly?”

I’m exactly who you want me to be when you shake my hand. Kaly Green from a dating site where you swiped right. Bubbly and busty, waiting there just for you.

I smile my million dollar smile and draw you in.

You look at me and see what you want to see. Perfectly coiffed hair, flawless makeup, and an eager conversationalist.

I listen as you speak, my head filled only with thoughts of you. That’s what you want, a girl who hears you and says what you want. I’m happy when you need it, quiet when you ask, and excited about the things that excite you. I’m any emotion you want. Kaly, the girl of your dreams.

The girl you bring home to mama? No, the girl you plan to fuck.

As I peel off my clothing, I put on the reality you apply to me. Pretty, peppy, perky, and perfect for you. Your enthusiastic lover, ready to please.

With your hands cupping my breasts, your lips sealed around my clit, or your cock buried in my cunt I communicate my pleasure as loud as you require.




Because that’s what you want from me.

I sit astride, tightening my cunt around you as you try to find your satisfaction. You want wet, tight, ready to receive your come. I am. I am.

As you lay beneath me, you say my name. In that voice filled with satisfaction. You say my name because that’s what you want.

But what do I want?

I thought you’d never ask.

I rock my smile that million dollar smile as the wire formed a perfect garrote around your neck. I fuck you, riding you as you whispered my name with increasing desperation.

The way your eyes bug and your mouth gasps, it’s enough to make me come in a rush. It’s exactly what I want.


You mouth the word with your last breath. I don’t have to tell you what you don’t want to hear.

I am many things in that moment, but one of them is definitely not Kaly Green.

You only thought I was.

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