Being Daddy’s Kitten

It’s been obvious from the Daddy/kitten posts that something was going on in my world. I’d like to think those posts had a different feel than my usual, but maybe not. If you’ve read my post about Daddy, you’ll definitely know I’ve entered into a relationship with someone.

For those confused, I’d started “seeing” DomSigns. I say seeing with quotes because initially it was all DMs, but that processed to skype calls and reached a head when I crossed the pond to visit him last week.

Let me say first, that of course it’s an unconventional relationship in a host of ways. It’s long distance and he’s devoted to Molly (but both are open to others). We could throw in the age gap, but I find that to be a plus instead of something to draw attention to or be concerned about. What I do want to draw attention to is the fact that he approached me differently from any man I’ve ever talked to. He started with respect and normal conversation. No talk of sexing me up or dominating me. He was kind and concerned about me as a person. I’ve met few people who seem to want to know me.

Even when things evolved, from me calling him sir to calling him Daddy, he never stopped treating me with respect. It was the biggest draw. To know he’d do naughty things to me was hot, to know he’d care for me was hotter. Things moved from submitting to him to loving him. He’s easy to love by the way. Even when he’s silly, it’s not hard to see that he’s an amazing man. Tender, strong, loving, caring, compassionate, and firm when I need it.

I was nervous when it came time to visit. I’m the third entering a relationship that’s already tight. I wondered if my Fantasy and reality would mesh. Did it ever.

I literally fell on the man when I made it through passport control. To hug him, give him a kiss, to tell him in person that I love him… that first meeting was what I’d hoped. And then the week got better.

My hope is to write more about what transpired last week. It’s hard to express how easy it was being with both Daddy and Molly. I had my spot, I got to cuddle him and kiss him, I got to be kitten. My little girl tendencies came out. My bottom was spanked and my pussy was fucked. Most of all, my Love tank was filled to the brim.

It wasn’t a long enough visit and I’m doing a shitty job of expressing how much seeing him made me happy.

The morning we were getting ready to leave for the airport, I was kneeling to say my affirmation after my shower and he was putting my collar back on. I’d barely started saying the words and I burst into tears. Because it was everything I thought it would be and I had to leave.

Thinking about leaving just makes me emotional even now. I’m already planning my next visit.

Obviously they’ll be more Daddy/kitten stories as well as me sorting through more of how I feel. Right now I know it was everything I’d hoped for and I need more of that, more of my Daddy.

Cara lying down with her back and hair visible and lovely marks on her bottom in post Being Daddy’s Kitten


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  1. hubman

    Having met and known you, as well as DomSigns and Molly, for several years, I can’t say that I’m surprised at all by your relationship! I can say that I’m very happy for you!

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