Tattooed Baby Girl


A form of body modification that involves injecting dye/ink under the skin. Something permanent that decorates your body for the remainder of your life. Something that’s a way of expressing oneself. A thing I find highly addictive and extremely attractive.

This week’s Wicked Wednesday involves tattoos.

Tattoos… you love them or not. In which category do you fall? Do you have any tattoos? Or don’t you want tattoos but you like to see them on others? Or don’t you like tattoos at all, no matter how beautiful the art work is?

This chick has many tattoos that have deep meanings to me. Many of the meanings are spiritual.

My first tattoo I got right after I finished school. It was a direct reference to who I was at the time; a Christian woman who held tightly to my belief in a God who controls everything. That tattoo is 11-12 years old. My last tattoo is a kitten outline, a direct reference to the man who I’ve recently given control to in a submissive manner. That tattoo is 2 months old. Funny that both tattoos have an overarching theme that’s very spiritual and deals with me giving control.

I have 7 tattoos in total and don’t regret a single one. They all mean something to me, they’re all important parts of who I am, they all speak to who I was (and still am) are parts of my life. I can’t regret that.

I will say I make a point to keep my tattoos in areas that aren’t work visible. So I have no tattoos on my arms, and the one I have on my wrist is covered by my watch. Most are torso and hip area so easy to cover with clothing.

I enjoy them on other people also. I may not like the placement, but just as I’d rather people keep their mouths shut about mine, I don’t criticize too much. It’s not my body so I don’t get a say.

Most of that stems from my mother’s very negative reaction to me getting my first tattoo. I was 22 years old with a well paying full time job. It was a well thought out decision in my part (as all my tattoos are), but she gave me hell. Silent treatment, anger, disbelief. As though I marred her body instead of adding something to mine. Ah, but we don’t need to discuss my Mommy Dearest issues.

Bottom line, I’m way pro-tattoo. Do what makes you comfortable in that respect.


  1. May More

    I don’t have a tattoo but one of my grown-up children do (20yrs) – I am not totally pro tattoo but realised it was their choice and body. I quite like it TBH.
    Because of your past Christian beliefs think you will find my Wicked Wednesday Guest Post interesting

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  2. Marie Rebelle

    I love that your tattoos all have meaning to you. I have three tattoos – big ones – and they can be covered by clothes, although the one around my breast sometimes show, which I don’t mind too much.

    Rebel xox

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      Cara Thereon

      I have a large one on my side. It took 2.5 hours to do. I had such a high from the endorphins after, it’s no wonder I was already planning my next one!

  3. Modesty Ablaze

    As an “always too nervous” to take that step sort-of-person, I find your experiences and explanations so, so fascinating.
    Loved reading this, and you are so right of course . . . we each always have to do only what makes us comfortable.
    But you’ve certainly got me thinking again . . . and were it not for my age . . . well you never know!!!
    Xxx – K

  4. Molly

    I was 37 when I got my first tattoo, it was in Philly with a certain person and it is the letter M on my back. I have had two more since then, the lock on my wrist, he has the key on his, and the moon and the stars on my arm.

    I love them all and have dreams for more


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