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This little segment may be something I do regularly, but I never make any promises when it comes to writing or this blog. Just know I have a topic I’m going to write about. 

Song of the day: Litost

My mind has been circling around how deeply erotic being taken is to me. 

Sex has always had both good and bad elements to it. Shame and guilt, fear, lust, and a need to find utter satisfaction at the hands of someone else. I’ve always circled around force and how being made to have pleasure absolves me of the pleasure I’m receiving. The helplessness of it all makes it far more pleasurable for me. The shame is something I don’t push away so much anymore. It’s part and parcel of the act, and even the presence of it sharpens sex for me. 

There’s another part of the whole thing though. I like the aspect of being a woman and that I can receive. While there’s something empowering about being the agressor who can fuck someone else, I’ve always loved the mental state being the receiver puts me in. It almost feels wrong to admit to it, but it is what it is. 

I have a mouth, a cunt, an ass that can all take. I open myself up, I am opened by the conquering ingress of something powerful. Something power that will give me pleasure. 

My shame aside, being a conquest of some kind arouses me to uncharted heights. 

It’s hands around my throat, it’s arms bound, it’s having a cock push to the very depths, it’s the mental thought of it all, it’s wanting the force, it’s being on bottom or top and feeling the driving thrust of someone inside me. I like how it makes me submit to the vulnerable me. 

I can be taken, I want to be taken. I’m not easy admittedly and that’s what makes the ones I do submit to conquerors. If you’ve peeled back my layers, gotten me to step out and met you, gotten me to like you, aroused me, then I can be taken with ease. 


  1. Nick

    I am so pleased you have made an agreement with your psyche to let you have some fun.

    Better still if you can get your psyche to approve of it all and realize you are the consenting adult and in charge!

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