“We’re going to try something different.”

I glance up at him from my place on my knees. Sweat drips into my eyes and I wipe it with my sleeve. I’m struggling to bring my breathing back under control from the leg work he just made me do so I just wait for him to direct me. 

“It’s time to give you some extra incentive for this next workout.” 

He steps close for a minute; so close I have to really crane my neck to keep eye contact. His baby blue eyes sparkle even if his face looks bored. I blink in surprise when he grabs my chin to hold my face still. 

“This is going to be hard, but I think you’ll enjoy it.”

He stares down at me for a moment before stepping away to close the multipurpose room door. I hear the snick of a lock and my slowly settling heart rate picks back up. Sweat continues to drip from my body as I sit frozen on the floor. 

I watch him move some equipment around the room. One of the red and black  raised platforms we use for leg workouts makes it to the middle of the floor along with a couple of the larger kettle bells. 

He beckons me over with a crock of his finger and I raise up on shaky legs to go to him. I shift from foot to foot in front of him, trying to stop my mind from racing with questions. He doesn’t mean what I think he means, does he?

“Your fitness assessment is next week and I want your measurements to really show the work we’ve been doing.” 

He grabs the 20 kilo kettle bell and makes a motion for me to assume the position for squats. A thread of disappointment worms through me, but I squash it. This is a professional relationship, his only concern with my body is helping me get trim and toned. 

I do two sets of fifteen seated squats with the weight and then grab a drink of water. When I turn to head back to the bench, he’s seated on it. His sweatpants are pushed down to his knees and his cock stands erect. The head is blushed red and leaking, and I can’t swallow around my dry throat. 

Lust hits me like a mac truck and suddenly I’m almost too wobbly to continue walking. “What–” 

“Come over here and we’ll do the last set of squats together.”

He pats his thigh and I walk closer in a daze. I let him turn me so I face the mirror. His hands span my waist for a moment before I watch him drag my sweaty workout pants and panties down to my knees. A soft groan echoes around the room when my ass is bared. 

“Definitely getting more toned,” he whispers. Clearing his throat, he points to the 32 kilo bell. “Next set. I’ll guide you through it. Remember, head up. Look at the mirror.”

I nod, bending to reach for the weight. This time when he groans and grips my hips, I realize what he sees as I straighten up. I force myself to concentrate on my breathing instead of what we’re doing. 

“Nice and slow.”

I let him ease me down until I’m hovering over his lap. The head of his cock parts my lower lips and I shake as he guides himself inside me. 

“Slowly,” he rasps out as he fills me. “I want you to really feel this.”

Oh, I feel it. I just stare at the mirror, watching between my legs as I sink down on him. My cunt squeezes and my body shakes as he holds me against him. He’s snug inside, my body fighting to adjust to him. 

“One,” he whispers in my ear. “Again.”

I rise, my body reluctant to release him,  but I stand tall. His cock glistens between my thighs, a deeper red now than before. I hold my gaze in the mirror, note the sweat on my face and the glazed look in my eyes. And then I lower myself like a good girl. 

This time he holds me above him longer, thrusting his hips so the head glides in. My thighs burn, but I hold for him until he pulls me down. 
“Two.” He pushes me up, patting my hip when I’m standing. “Only thirteen more and I’ll let you come.” 

This time I groan, but let him lead me into the next squat with his promise to motivate me. 


  1. Aku

    Nice! 😀
    No surprise twists or anything and quite mellow compared to some of your pieces here, but still, remarkably titillating and exciting because you have a great grasp of how to express feelings in your characters.

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