Wear Me Like…

He leaned in for a kiss and her body clenched.
Her musky scent so strong on his skin.
Images of that moment, last night.
His head pressed between her thighs.
Everything came rushing back
With the fragrance of her lust lingering like perfume on his lips.


  1. Mark Sheridan

    Very hotly evocative Cara. I liked it.

    Hey, guess what? WP Admin banned my blog again! Only this time, over 24 hours after I e-mailed them to ask them why… no reply back to me from WP admin. My guess is that it’s because I was a little too honest in my writing about my true opinions of WP TOS and those in WP admin who enforce WP TOS.

    So like the proverbial loose cannon, they threw me overboard. But hey, no great loss. There’s other blogging platforms out there that are far more tolerant of artistic freedom of expression, and I’ll be back…

    1. Nick

      Ah, you free spirits!!
      Maybe you should self-host, as Hy at A Dissolute Life does? I think she was pushed to do so for exactly the same sort of reason – the risk of being shut down without discussion.
      I see it on G+ moderated areas, too. At least they have the ‘excuse’ that they are unpaid.

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