He lets me tie him down and tease his body.

It’s heady having that kind of power over someone, using lips and tongue and teeth to arouse. The fact that he’s unbelievably ticklish appeals because just my breath on his skin makes him squirm in the most delicious way.

What starts as a simple massage ends with my lips kissing up his spine, my tongue tasting places along his side, my teeth sinking into his shoulder, and my breath teasing along the nape of his neck. He moans softly when I let my mouth slip along his ear, my teeth snagging his earlobe, my hands tracing along the firm curve of his ass as my breasts press into his broad back.

I want to taste him all over, every inch of me learning every inch of him. More devouring, consuming, teasing.

He shudders as my nose traces along his cheek. I want to feel his lips on mine, but not yet.

“I think you like this a lot, being teased.”

“You know I do.”

I nip and suck at his neck careful not to leave a mark, but longing to make an impression on his skin. Touching him fires something inside me. For once I prefer being on top, I enjoy the pretense of being in control with him. I know he lets me and that makes me hot. A strong man giving me power. Yes.

I want to possess this man every time I touch him. Going until my body knows his from memory alone. Going until he writhes from my gentlest of touches. Going until we both are sated.

Going, going, gone…


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